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Keeping Your Workplace Clean with Swing Tops and Office Bins: 5 Office Bins to Consider

Office garbage bins are important for keeping our workplace surroundings clean. It’s critical to have your office dirt and litter free to promote concentration. 

Daily, office personnel generate huge amounts of waste and litter, so it’s paramount there’s a bin for every office. With several swing top & office bins of various shapes and sizes on the market, you can solve the problem of littering in a workplace.

In this article, we’ll preview various swing top & office bins you might want to consider for your office. Read on.

5 Types of Bins for Office Use

Below are several bins you can use for waste disposal in your offices

  • Swing Top Bins

The advantage of this type of bin is that it’s conveniently accessible. You don’t necessarily have to touch the bin with your hands to open it. Poke the lid with a stick and it’s open.

One other significant benefit of this dirt bin is that it’s convenient even for disabled or sick people, because you can dispose of litter swiftly and effortlessly.

To ensure a clean and tidy workplace, consider getting swing top & office bins.

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  • Waste Paper Bins

You don’t always need a large office bin to keep your work area neat. Waste paper bins are often smaller than most, but they’re also useful.

These paper bins are often commonly found in offices and accommodate only a small amount of litter and no food scraps as they usually don’t have lids to cover them. 

Furthermore, this trash bin for office comes in all shapes and sizes; some have swinging lids, while others are fully open. It doesn’t matter what you choose, because disposing of the right type of waste in your waste paper bin will keep bacteria and odors at a minimum.

  • Pedal Bins

Pedal bins are opened by pushing the foot on the bottom of the bin’s lever. These bins are also fantastic for your offices and are an excellent way to keep germs at bay. 

You don’t even have to touch the bin to open it, which is convenient for people who are afraid of germs! Because pedal bins are frequently small and spherical, you won’t be able to pack lots of trash into them. However, they’re pretty handy if your hands are full and you need to open the bin fast.

  • Touch Bins

You often find this type of dustbin in kitchens. However, you can use it in an office as well. To activate the touch bin, press down on the lid, then allow it to spring up.

One of the most significant advantages is that they’re well sealed, so odors are less likely to escape unless opened. They make excellent office garbage bins because you have to press so firmly on the lid that the bin will not open by mistake or spill if it is knocked over. This dustbin might be a wonderful alternative for you if you don’t mind touching the bin to open it.

  • Automatic Bins

The automatic bin, often called the sensor bin, is one of the most common types of bins. If you need a bin that is considerably more upscale than the other alternatives offered, a sensor bin is the only solution! 

Again, the benefit of these containers is that germs are unlikely to spread because no contact is necessary. All that’s required is a wave of the hand, and the sensor will recognize it. 

Often, automated dustbins will require their batteries to be replaced on a regular basis, which is something to consider, but is well worth the expense.


Keeping your workplace neat and dirt-free isn’t a daunting task. All that’s required is the right tools for the job. With the list of swing top & office bins we’ve provided, you can pick the one you find suitable for your office.


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