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Is The Sun Shrinking?

Is The Sun Shrinking

The first two persons who talk about the shrinking of the sun were Eddy and Boornazian. In 1979 these scientists claimed that the sun was shrinking. They told that after analyzing the sun they discovered that the diameter of the sun is decreasing at the rate of six feet per hour.

This theory was rejected by some and many accepted their points. 

After that, there were many theories and books presented by different scientists about the shrinking of the sun.

Life on earth is dependent on the sun so this topic was more interesting for the people.

This blog will give you complete knowledge about the sun and the factors that help you to understand whether the sun is shrinking or not. 

Is the sun shrinking
Sun Shrinking

From Where The Sun Gets Power

Before going towards the sun shrinking we need to understand from where the sun gets power.

Many of us believe that the sun gets power by the explosions that take place every second on the surface of the sun.

In the 19th-century Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism theory was presented by William Thomson.

This theory derived that the sun takes energy from gravitational potential energy.

However, this theory was rejected at the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century, the scientist comes to the conclusion that the sun produces energy by the fusion of hydrogen into helium.

According to the scientists, the sun is able to continue this process until 30 million years. 


Sun shrinking
Observation about the Sun Shrinking

The sun is shrinking at a speed of 0.1 per cent per century (according to Eddy and Boornazian).

If we believe that the world came into existence 6 thousand years ago so this means that the sun is shrunk only 6 per cent since the creation of the world.

There are some questions that could raise in our minds such as 

  • if the sun was 6 percent bigger at the time of the earth creation according to the scientist than how life on earth could exist?
  • Is there no one living on the earth 6000 years ago? 
  • If we consider the theory which says the sun is shrinking at the rate of 0.1 per cent per century than it means before 100 thousand years ago it would be twice the size it is now 

To find out the answer of exactly how bigger the sun was at the time of the creation we assumed that the rate of shrinking didn’t change. 

Distance from earth to sun = 93 million miles

Change in solar radius is = 2.5 ft/hr

We know that one mile is = 5280 ft

T=     (93,000,000 miles) (5,280 ft/mile)

          (2.5 ft/hr) (24 hr/da) (365 day/yr)

This means approximately 20 million B.C ago the surface of the earth touches the surface of the sun.

This means that approximately 100 thousand years ago the sun was shrinking at more speed then it is now. 


It is merely impossible to believe in the facts and the figures that the sun is shrinking.

If the sun was so big then how would our ancestors survive?

It is impossible for any human being even for animals to resist at the time when the sun was nearly touching the earth’s surface.

The constant shrinking of the sun isn’t possible at all.

However, we can conclude that there would be tiny changes in the sun that are not noticeable since the time of creation. 

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