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Black Hole, Black Hole Theories, And It’s Reality

Black Hole

Facts are considered to be weird or strange against fiction. In the case of a black hole, the concept of facts getting strange against fiction comes true. The concept of a black hole is more than 200 years old and can be seen in different science fiction movies.

In 1783, the concept of a black hole was first discussed by John Michel & Cambridge done.

They wrote a paper in a philosophical transaction on which they named black hole as a black star.

According to their theory, black or dark star possess a strong gravitational field through which the light cannot escape.

This concept was proved wrong in 1887 by Michelson and Morley.

They conducted an experiment on which it was proved that the light travels at a speed of one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles that cannot be stopped or slowed down by a gravitational force. 

The idea behind the black hole varies and it’s merely too complicated to understand what is the black hole and whether it can really affect the earth in any mean or not.

Black Hole
Black Hole

To understand the concept of the black hole you need to summarize all the theories and the scientific reasons.

This article will shed light on the concepts of the black hole and will discuss the realities and predictions of a black hole

Black Hole Theories

As the concept of a black hole is not new therefore many scientists including Einstein presented the theory on the black hole.

Many were assumed right while some of the theories didn’t match the old concepts.

Before discussing what is a black hole you must know some important and famous theories presented by the different scientist. 

Einstein Theory 

In 1915, Einstein represents the theory of general relativity.

This theory explains that the curvature of space and time arises as to the force of gravity.

In his theory, it was further explained that gravity does influence light emotion.

After doing so much research and calculations Einstein realized that distortion in space-time can occur due to the massive object.

This theory opens the door for the new ideas on the black hole. 

Black hole Theories
Einstein About Black Hole

Fred & Gregory Theory 

The astronomers Fred & Gregory named black hole as a hypothetical star that will appear in the future of the universe.

Their theory predicted that the star is likely to come after the metallicity of the interstellar gas increases both the maximum and minimum masses a star can have will decrease.

The spectral class H is assigned to the hypothetical or frozen star that is yet to come. 

Stephen Hawking Theory

Stephen Hawking is one of the world’s best physicists who devoted his entire life in the research on black holes.

In his life, he represented many theories in parts regarding black holes. He told in his theory that black holes aren’t black as they are painted.

His theory explained that the event horizon separates the black hole from the universe. The events beyond that point cannot affect the universe.

The hawking’s concept was very interesting on black holes that claim if one particle falls into a black hole the other can escape.

The scientist wasn’t able to prove whether a black hole is a way to a new universe or just a blind spot. 

The Reality of Black Holes

The theories discussed above clearly told that black holes are the strangest object of a solar system.

Everyone comes up with different theories and definitions.

The simple and easy definition of a black hole is that a hole or a region that possess high gravitational acceleration due to which no radiation or particles can escape from it is called a black hole.

The black hole is not the one but divided into three types

  • Stellar Black Holes: These types of black holes are small that forms due to the collapse of a large star that continues to compress. 
  • Supermassive Black Holes: As the name defines the supermassive black holes are billions of times bigger than the mass of the sun but are equal in radius to the earth’s closest star. It’s still a mystery on how they are formed but found at the centre of every galaxy. 
  • Intermediate Black Holes: The mid-sized or intermediate black holes are larger than stellar but small than supermassive.

What Is Inside a Black Hole?

What is inside Black Hole
Inside Black Hole

The theories and different hypothesis states that black hole possesses high gravitational force but still they aren’t able to detect any mass or element inside the black holes.

It is a fact that high gravitational acceleration is present that sucks any product or element that cross the event horizon.

According to the hawking if you consider going inside the intermediate or small black hole you will be torn into parts before you reach the horizon.

You can go to the bigger black holes only if you want to get lost.

Many theories say that a black hole is a gate towards the new world. 

The Recent Development

To know the truth and resolve the mystery of black holes’ scantiest reveal the first original picture of a giant black hole of our universe.

It was thought that the picture will reveal most of the secrets and will give many answers to the questions.

The picture wasn’t very clear but proves all the theories that black hole exists.

The event horizon is clearly seen with the black spot that is surrounded by light.

The absence of light hides many secrets and information in the black hole. 

Effects On Earth  

Black holes can force a star and completely destroy it as it comes near.

It is a fact that black holes don’t suck so quickly and cannot eat a whole planet until and unless the planet is near to the black hole.

The scientist observed that despite the milky way the other galaxy which contains two black holes affects the other planets.

The highly active black holes of other galaxies indicate that a lot of material is falling into them.

The black hole of the milky way is quiet and it’s still a mystery about the radiation of the quite black hole.

There won’t be any effect on earth as it is not near to the black hole.

The scientists are still finding the answers of different questions so maybe in the future, the effects on earth can be seen. 

The last Verdict

Reality of black hole
Last Verdict About Black Hole

The concepts and debates on black hole vary from theory to theory.

The NASA is near to find the radiation whether they can affect the earth or other planets and is busy in resolving the mystery of the black hole.

It is confirmed that black holes and horizon layers exist but still, there are many questions that need to be answered.

The contribution of many scientists on black hole considered to be the victory as the first picture of black hole released. 

There are still many things that are hidden from mankind.

The possibilities of the new universe or the end of the world revolve around the black hole.

As soon as science will resolve these mysteries new concepts will emerge that will help us to know more about this galaxy. 

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