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Top Challenges Faced by Services Based Companies

Due to the pandemic, the problems for services-based industries started as they were not able to maintain a good customer pool, focus on skills, billing, etc. Parallelly, there was a sudden increase in competition that made it hard for services-based organizations to directly make a long-term strategy as offers from the competitors can lead to disruption of their strategies. Moreover, a lot of time was wasted by the organizations in managing short-term goals.

What is the Services Industry?

The services industry refers to a business whose primary target is to provide services, amenities, and expertise to their customers instead of goods. Moreover, these services can range from different industries, for example, Jujhar group, a multidimensional services-based company that is growing rapidly as it has a market leadership position and a huge customer base in the field of Hospitality, Real Estate, Broadband, News Channel, Media, Infrastructure, Entertainment, and Logistics. 

This group is working hard to provide “necessity services to people with high-quality products and unparalleled service”, which is the main reason for the success of this group for the last three decades. However, this group is constantly providing innovative and progressive solutions, which is considered the game-changer in such a tough market. 

Here is a list of problems faced by service-based companies given by the S Gurdeep Singh Jujhar group:

  1. Consumer awareness:

Every consumer that pays for services wants a service that can add some value to them. If any professional service company is not able to provide valuable services according to the individual needs then the client won’t be able to work with them for the long term. Many companies fail because they are not able to properly understand the needs and information related to the needs of their clients. Companies should invest in order management systems to get up-to-date information on various parameters of their clients.

  1. Financial challenges:

Many service-based companies fail to operate for a longer time because of some bad financial decisions taken by the board of directors. Cash flow should be given the highest priority by the companies. Expenses of the company should never be greater than the profit made by that company for a particular duration of time. 

  1. Technology:

The use of excel spreadsheets helps to improve efficiency, productivity, and visibility in any business. Spreadsheets are indeed time-consuming, but they provide proper information across different desktops. 

  1. Winning new businesses:

One of the biggest challenges for a service-based company is sustaining the present clients while searching for and collaborating with new ones. Moreover, it is more important to maintain a good relationship with ongoing clients but it is equally important to add new clients which can help in boosting the revenue, profits, and confidence of the team, and keep your team graceful.

S Gurdeep Singh, the founder of the Jujhar group mentioned, “…You now only need to rely on a few relationships especially now during COVID-19 since there is soo much instability.”

  1. Hiring:

There is a wide pool of talent and skills. Driving and picking the best-deserved candidate from the pool for your company is the biggest challenge in front of any company. Whenever you recruit a candidate for your company, there should be a big checklist that includes verifying their profiles, interviewing them, onboarding them, and providing them with proper guidance and training.


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