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Improving Feng Shui for a Bedside Table: Read to know

As Pinterest blows up with the aesthetics of bedside tables, the pressure to have your beautiful bedside table with a fancy look is on. It would be better if it were oak bedside tables. How can you ensure you set up the right aesthetics to promote health? Read on to find out. 

1 Picking the Right Table

Ideally, a nightstand table should be round. A table with sharp corners might create a poison arrow that sends you bad energy while you sleep. Softer edges and corners do not. Additionally, the top of your bedside table should level below the side of your mattress. If you don’t want to switch out your bedside table, consider getting a thicker mattress. This, of course, is also a safety concern. You don’t want to bang your head against a sharp corner while you’re tossing about in your sleep, but you also don’t need your phone, lamp, and other bedside accessories in your field of vision while you’re getting your zzzs. 

Oak bedside tables might be ideal. They usually have rounded edges and are typically made with short legs.  

2 A Device-Free Platform

Was it a coincidence that you are awake during the day and fall asleep at night? The universe is aligned to ensure that your circadian rhythms work according to the light levels in your environment. Unfortunately, in the last few decades, screens have shot up so much that your body’s most important and organic medicine, sleep, is deprived. By the world’s ways, a nightstand should be rid of these blue-light-producing devils. 

3 Drawers That Conceal

Feng shui does leave room for practicality. It would be best if you often had things within arm’s reach: medicine, a book, or a bottle of water. But you can’t keep your nightstand cluttered. A bedside table is reflective of the person’s mind. And why shouldn’t it be? If the space where you are in your most meditative phase is cluttered, you can only clear your mind so much. Some oak bedside tables have built-in drawers to keep all your nighttime essentials. Chuck your phone in here, too, so that you can reach it quickly in case of emergencies but aren’t bothered by notifications lighting it up. 

4 Lighting

Yes, although the article mentioned that you should try and accustom your environment to the natural environment, it is also practical to have a lamp you can turn on and off at night. You don’t want to wake up to use the loo and trip over things. A moderately bright night lamp that lights up the room without causing eye strain and disturbing your sleep is perfect for you to do your business without losing any shut-eye. 

5 Nature’s Abode

While your bedside table should be clutter-free, it doesn’t necessarily have to look sparse. Plants go well with oak bedside tables and can liven up the room. Not only will these plants fill up your room with oxygen during the day, but scientific studies have repeatedly shown that being around nature can drastically affect mood, health, and sleep. Go out and buy an easy-to-take-care-of plant: perhaps a pothos, which can survive in the harshest conditions. However, ensure not to crowd your room with plants, as this might lead to carbon dioxide buildup during the night. Also, ensure the plant is not too close to your face. Not only might this interfere with breathing, but you don’t have any pests climbing into bed with you.


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