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5 Surefire Ways To Calm Hyperactive Dogs

How to calm down a hyper dog? Just like us humans, dogs can experience feelings of hyperactivity, high energy, and stress. 

This behavior, although normal for dogs to go through, can become very taxing to handle and, at its worst, causes a lot of destruction. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to control hyperactive dog symptoms.

In this article, we’ll take you through the different strategies you can use to help your dog relax when they’re particularly excitable or anxious. 

Why Is My Dog So Hyper?

If you’re a dog parent, you might be aware of your dog getting the “zoomies” late at night, too. 

When dogs get zoomies or “midnight crazies”, they run around frantically in circles!

Let’s begin by understanding why dogs get hyper. There are a number of reasons for your dog to be hyperactive, ranging from their socialization, their conditioning, their breed, medical conditions, excitement, or unfamiliar situations. 


Years of breeding determine the characteristics of each dog. This can explain why certain breeds are more energetic or active than others. For example, dogs bred to be guards, protectors of property, hunters, and trackers are quick to become hyper as compared to others—simply because their job called for it.

Dogs with long ears are also known to be tracker dogs because their ears help them pick up on more scents. These breeds could also be prone to being hyper. 

Even though we don’t need them to perform these tasks, their hyperactivity can come out regardless, and create havoc if left unchecked.


Sometimes, dogs are conditioned to become hyper. This is generally seen in cases where owners are either negligent, abusive, or a combination of both. Trauma inflicted at a young age can cause dogs to become hyperactive. 

Improper socialization and a lack of training at a young age can also cause dogs to get hyper in front of unfamiliar animals or humans. Trained disobedience, which means when a human gives up on their dog during the training process and rewards them anyway, can lead to the dog getting more hyperactive. 

gs are conditioned to become hyper.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions like anxiety or attention deficit disorders can also cause hyperactivity in pups and adult dogs alike.

New Situations

Even if your dog is not predisposed to being hyper because of its breed or socialization, it is absolutely normal for it to get over excited or anxious in new places or when meeting new people.

They can become hyper even after you’ve returned home after a long day of work. This is situational, so you might not need to consult a vet. 

If you do notice that your dog has become increasingly hyperactive or is displaying a new pattern of high energy, it might be time to consult your vet about what could be happening.

5 Ways To Calm Hyper Dogs

Now that you know why your dog is so hyper, you may also want to find out how to calm down a hyper dog. 

Here are 5 ways that work well to manage your pet’s high-energy, hyperactive dog symptoms. 

5 Ways To Calm Hyper Dogs

Physical Exercise

Here’s how to get dogs to calm down. Exercise is key! Get a comprehensive exercise plan for your pup from a dog training expert. Make sure the plan is tailored to fit your dog’s needs specifically and is adequate for their height, weight, and breed. 

Getting enough exercise, going on walks, running around with them in the park, and playing fetch is the simplest way to get them to expend their high energy, get tired, and feel good enough to rest. A dog not getting enough exercise is going to display restless behavior. 

Metal Stimulation

How to train a hyper dog? Make sure they receive enough mental stimulation too. Try to do loads of nosework with them. Their sense of smell is extremely sharp, so placing little treats all over the house and getting them to track them out will help divert their attention and energy to this task.

Engaging toys and puzzles also help dogs distract from their hyperactivity, and it provides more mental stimulation for them to respond to. How to calm a hyper dog? Take them out for a sniffing walk, and let them explore new areas safely.  

Impulse Control

Wondering how to calm an overexcited dog? Sometimes dogs can exhibit unwanted, inappropriate, or destructive behavior when excited. Here, impulse control training works like a charm. It takes time and consistency. 

Basically, your dog must understand that reinforcement for good or acceptable behavior will come from you and not their environment. Puppies aren’t born with impulse control, which is why many dog parents ask, “Why is my puppy so hyper?”

Impulse control has to be learned and conditioned. Proper training, positive reinforcement, and being firm will work wonders to get them to stop inappropriate impulsive behavior. 

Impulse control has to be learned and conditioned.

Give Them Tasks 

Now, here’s how to calm an excitable dog. Give them a task or job to do. Like us, dogs also feel a sense of purpose when they help out. Plus, the reward of a treat for a job well done is something every dog absolutely loves. 

You can train your dog to pick up laundry baskets, close doors with their paws, or even dive underwater to retrieve items if they enjoy swimming. Playing fetch also applies here. 

Understand The Breed

How to calm down a hyper dog? You may need to accept that your dog might be slightly more high energy than the average breed. 

Some examples of hyperactive dog breeds are Border Collies, Australian or German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Siberian Huskies, Jack Russell Terriers, Labradors, and Dalmatians. 

If you have any of these breeds, work with trainers early on to help condition your dog to control its hyperactive impulses. 

Understand The Breed


We hope this article gave you an idea of how to get dogs to calm down. It’s also important to note that if your dog is suddenly more hyper than usual, you must visit the vet and get a proper consultation for why this might be happening. 


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