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How to Maximize Your Space in Your Studio Apartment

A studio apartment can be difficult to maximize and set up because of the absence of dividers for the whole space. If you have a limited area for your studio apartment, you can still utilize the whole studio apartment by knowing what to place in it. A wooden shoe rack is essential. The proper placement of the bed is also recommended. Read more to find out how to make the most out of your studio apartment.

Ways to Maximize Your Studio Apartment Space

Remove the clutter near the door

The first impression of your studio apartment starts at the opening of the door. The entryway must have no clutter which gives an impression of tight spaces and disorganization. Even if you have limited square feet upon entry, you can still maximize it by using small hooks and racks. You can install tiny individual hooks on the wall near to door for your jackets, coats, scarves, and hats. Make sure that it does not disrupt the view of the walkway. 

You should also install small shelves near the entry. You can place your keys, wallet, and other small stuff on it. You can add an aesthetic feel by putting a set of books and a small plant on it. 

Get a bed with cubbies and drawers

Because you have limited space in your studio apartment, it is essential that you maximize each square foot of space as possible. You can buy a platform bed with included drawers for your clothes and cubbies for your books and other items. Using this kind of bed allows you to minimize clutter. You do not have to use another cabinet that takes up space in the room. 

Use shoe racksImage

You do not want to have all your shoes just lying around. You need to make the most out of your space by using shoe racks for all your footwear. There are available shoe racks with three to seven layers. Before you buy one, make sure to measure your entryway so that you will have the right size for your apartment. 

You have different types of shoe racks that you can choose from. You may get a wooden shoe rack if you have a nature or wood theme for the whole apartment. You can get metal shoe racks to have a minimalist, industrial design in the room. 

Use dividers with storageImage

Another way to maximize your living space is by using dividers with included storage. For this, you can get frames or shelves that have space for your books and other possessions. If you do not have a budget for a new divider, you can repurpose the ones that you already have so that they can still be used as storage and, at the same time, a divider to visually create a bigger space. 

Maximize over the bed storageImage

If you do not have enough space for a side cabinet, you can use the space on the wall over the bed for your books, lamps, and other night items. This clears up the floor area and it also gives you more ideas on how to design your wall with paintings, frames, and plants. 


You have not rented your studio apartment. Now, it is time to fill it up with memories and furniture. A studio apartment may look simple, bare, and small at the onset but once you have set up your sofa, wooden shoe rack, and bed, you can start creating wonderful experiences in it. No matter what size your studio apartment has, you can still maximize the space and still have the essentials that you need for your own room.


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