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How to Get an Unreal Engine Certification

If you’ve heard of Fortnite, you know how popular the game is, even if you’ve never played it before. With over 250 million registered users, the game is one of the most coveted today with its action-packed dynamics and creative worlds. 

But did you know that the power behind the game is through the unreal engine? Yes, the stunning visuals of the game are created using an unreal engine. So if you fancy creating such graphics, you might need to master the concepts of the unreal engine with a certification course.

So, what is the unreal engine, and how can you get a certification? Keep reading to learn more.

What is the Unreal Engine?

The year is 1988, back when computers were getting popular. The company, Epic Games, developed the unreal engine initially as a first-person shooter game. Fast forward to 2023, and the engine is seeing genres such as RPG, stealth and more with the gaming engine.

It supports a wide range of formats from 2D, 3D and even VR. It’s a popular choice for professionals and indie creators as it helps people from all backgrounds with little-to-no coding.

With such a powerful game engine in your hands, you’d be left wondering how you will master your skills using the software. But fear not, for we have the answer: getting an unreal engine certification. 

What to expect from an Unreal Engine Certification 

Not only will getting a certification in unreal engine qualify you as a professional in the field, but it will also set you up for further opportunities. But, most of all, it gives you the necessary skills to take your game development to the next level. Here, we break down how courses are generally structured and what you can expect from them.

1. Enrol in a Beginner’s Course

Perfect for beginners and those new to the unreal engine, an unreal engine certification course goes in-depth about the fundamentals of the system. The course is taught using a project style so you can apply what you’re learning in real-time. Besides, a certification course will prioritize hands-on training, preparing you for a successful career ahead.

2. Learn Material Fundamentals 

With an unreal engine certification, you will dive deep into the world of materials using which the entire game world is created. You’ll be introduced to various industry tools and learn to render and use the editor.

3. Using the Sequencer 

Another part of the course involves using the sequencer to create films. This is where you put your knowledge and skills to use as the game comes to life with animation, sequences and more. This allows you to get a taste of the cinematic movements and breathe life into the game by making characters come true. 

Get Certified with Unreal Engine 

Ready to take your first step towards a professional career in game design? Enrol in an unreal engine certification course with Pearl Edge. With practical training in unreal engines, camera techniques, storytelling, and more, the course will prepare you for a creative career ahead.

Visit the website and apply now for the Unreal Engine certification.


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