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How many views on TikTok are needed to become popular?

There is no set formula. I must state how many “TikTok Views” are necessary for something to go viral but based on estimates, millions are needed. You can classify a video as “medium or somewhat viral” if it has around 250,000 views in 3–7 days, and it is typically termed viral if it reaches 5 million views in the same time frame. 

A moderately popular video will bring you a steady stream of new fans and help you advance on this platform. Still, you will need to reach the magic 5 million followers mark to become a new TikTok sensation. If you have a large fan base, there is a greater possibility that a video will go viral, but there is no assurance that every video you release will do so: big misconception, that one.

What counts as a ” View On TikTok”?

The formula is relatively straightforward when it comes to views on TikTok. A user’s click on your video counts as a view as soon as it happens. Views are added and tallied based on how frequently a user returns to view the material or plays the video repeatedly. 

The requirements are somewhat stricter on other social media networks, such as YouTube. It takes 30 seconds of watch time to count as a view on YouTube because they want to be sure that a human is actively watching the video.

What is the TikTok algorithm?

Every social media site has guidelines, standards, and algorithms that determine how videos are ranked, whether they are eligible to appear in your feed, and other things. It is much simpler to ask the experts how many TikTok views it takes to go viral. However, it is also crucial to understand how TikTok’s algorithm functions and how many views become viral on the platform.

It is a bit tricky in this case. The most complicated social media platform algorithm is that of TikTok. The TikTok algorithm ranks videos according to various criteria before recommending them to your feed. If you are a new user, it begins with the interests you indicate in video genres, categories, and subcategories. It modifies videos in which you express annoyance or lack of interest.

How Many TikTok Views Will It Take in 2022 to Go Viral?

As previously mentioned, all social media sites regularly update their algorithms to reflect shifting viewer preferences and business needs. The rules should always be understood as they are subject to change. Let’s examine the TikTok system in 2022.

TikTok follows the same guidelines and standards as other social media sites for a video to become famous. It keeps track of the number of times a video has been entirely watched, shared, liked, comments, and rewatched by the same person.


SEO is equally effective on TikTok as it is on other networks. If a video is going to become viral, its title, thumbnail, keywords, hashtags, and sound effects all matter.

Placement and Language

The TikTok algorithm automatically chooses the audience location most appropriate for your film to be viewed based on the user’s mobile device settings and the kind of devices they are using. Second, TikTok will automatically direct the video to the users who are more likely to enjoy the trending voice or sound piece if it is featured in the background.

History of user preferences

Not least, TikTok will present consumers with a video that satisfies their highest preferences. If you disapprove of a video or click “not interested,” TikTok might never again offer you videos in that category. On the other hand, the kind of videos you’ve seen in the past, the amount of time you’ve spent watching a specific category, and the videos you’ve watched repeatedly may be repeated in your feed.

How to Make Your TikTok Video Go Viral

You should have a good understanding of TikTok’s algorithm and workings by now. Let me give you some advice that could help create a video with the potential to go viral. Of course, it doesn’t and won’t happen immediately; it takes a lot of determination, patience, and repeatedly doing the correct things.

Get Around the TikTok Algorithm and Increase Your Chances of Going Viral

Rule of three seconds. To increase the likelihood that your video will be fully watched and even repeated, you must grab the attention of your viewers within the first three seconds.

  • Always focus on specific niches rather than the hottest trends.
  • Hashtags are crucial; use them carefully.
  • Keep your writing brief and direct. Start with shorter videos.
  • Determine the optimum time to post your material and the location of the interested audience.
  • Making use of popular audio on TikTok will be very beneficial.
  • Use eye-catching captions and critical phrases that you believe will draw in the audience you are aiming for.
  • Make the most of any new features that TikTok occasionally introduces by being informed about them.
  • Never delete your previous stuff since you never know what will become popular.

Pro Tips for Creating a Viral Video

  1. You can fill in the gaps by taking a social media course, going to webinars, and paying attention to popular TikTokers.
  2. Attempt to collaborate with someone who is working in the same field. Two minds are always better than one, and coordinated effort yields positive results.
  3. You and another TikToker can make a duet TikTok similar to a duet song. Both can reply to one another, and the likelihood of getting viral is often higher.
  4. Select a niche, compare your video to the most watched one, and strive to outdo it.
  5. Start a voice trend, last but not least. Nobody can stop you from going viral if things go well.

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