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How to Colour Your Beard at Home without any Damages

Worried about those little grey patches in your beard or your greying sideburns that make you look older than you really are? You can address this issue in 3 ways—(1) dye your beard or sideburns with a permanent beard hair dye, (2) use a semi-permanent beard hair dye or (3) use a temporary beard dye everyday in the mornings. Out of these three, option number two looks the most sensible and balanced, doesn’t it? Well, yes. And that is a fact. Most of the natural beard hair colours fall in this category and they help you to dye your beard damage-free at home.

Permanent beard hair dyes work with damage causing chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach) and Ammonia. And their colouring pigment is the deadly allergy-causing chemical called PPD (paraphenylenediamine).

Did you know that repeated usage of Hydrogen Peroxide actually turns even your naturally coloured hair into permanent whites? 

This is due to the fact that Hydrogen Peroxide stops the production of Melanin, the natural colour of skin and hair. So, while you keep colouring your greys, the colour itself will keep turning your naturally coloured beard white, thereby increasing your dependence more and more on the same colour that you keep using for hiding your greys, creating a vicious cycle. While Ammonia will make your beard dry, rough and brittle, resulting in hair thinning, breakage and, ultimately, hair fall.

The damage-free natural beard hair colours for home application are innovative formulations of organic and natural, exotic dyes like Henna, Indigo, Chamomile and Manjistha, blended with some added harmless organic compounds. Hence, they give you stunning colourations that last from 4 to 6 weeks. They, also, perfectly suit the normal skin types.

DIY Guide to Dye your Beard Damage-Free at Home

To colour your beard naturally and safely at home, you will require the right equipments to begin with, like:

  1. A beard brush: Before colouring your beard, it is essential to keep it in perfect shape. Use a good-quality beard brush to regulate the blood flow in your skin by the friction generated through bristle movement, which will also keep your beard hair in a definite shape. Trim away the excess hair after using the brush. 
  2. An organically natural, damage-free beard colour: This will be your most important element since not every beard dye is safe. According to user reviews Indus Valley Damage-Free Beard Colour would give you the stunning colouring results you wanted without causing any damages, if you have a normal skin that is not prone to allergies or hypersensitive. If you have a hypersensitive skin, then you can use their Hypo Allergic Beard Colour. 

The best thing about their natural beard hair colours is that they are powered with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna, Coffee Bean and more. And they are also rigorously laboratory tested and Recommended by Dermatologists.

  • An applicator brush: A good-quality applicator brush will help you to apply the dye safely and precisely on the required portions for effective colouring. Usually, beard colour kits come with a decent applicator brush, but in case it is not there, buy one online after checking its reviews and ratings.
  • Organic and natural beard oil: Nourishing and conditioning beard oil is essential to apply after dyeing your beard hair. The Indus Valley Damage Free Beard Colour kit comes complete with a conditioning mask and organic beard oil.
  • A mild, organic beard wash: Don’t immediately wash off your beard hair after dyeing it. Keep it for the required time mentioned in the instruction manual, and then use a gentle beard wash to remove all the chemical traces or impurities left in your beard hair. This will also enhance your beard colour and give it a natural shine with no side effects.

How to Use Indus Valley Natural Beard Hair Colour at Home:

  1. Mix the natural beard hair colour powder with Aloe Coffee Gel (quantity depending upon your beard hair length). For detailed information check out their instruction manual.
  2. Use the applicator brush to apply this mixture over the required area and let it settle for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Rinse with water and mild shampoo.
  4. Apply the Hair Eaze Spa Mask provided and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes for conditioning your beard hair. Rinse with water and towel dry.
  5. Apply a tiny amount of the provided beard oil.

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