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How to choose the resistance band- Buying Guide

An elastic band serves as the basis for a resistance band. In certain circles, it’s called a resistance wire. With the assistance of the best resistance band in India, an injured person may progressively regain their strength and fully heal. Resistance bands may work out many muscles in the human body. Fitgears is the best resistance tube brand in India. Fitgears also provides a detailed review of the best quality resistance bands in India. One can purchase the best resistance band in India from https://www.gymfreek.com/best-resistance-bands-in-india/

The selection of the best resistance tube in India depends upon some factors :

1) Therapy band :

As the name suggests, the therapy bands use for various rehabilitation purposes. This therapy can include both physical and mental health. This resistance band is usually flat-surfaced and goes gentle on the body.

2) Compact bands : 

These bands can be flat-surfaced or tube type and are suitable for the upper body, lower body, and arms. They usually come with plastic handles on each end to provide added grip. The length of the products varies by brand but is usually around 4 feet in length.

3) Fit loop bands :

They are flat-surfaced and form a complete loop. It is suitable for lower body, arm, and legs workouts. They are also known as mini bands and are available at various lengths from 4 inches to 2 feet. So the person can choose the right one as per their need.

4) Figure-8 bands : 

These are tube-type bands that connect in a figure 8 shape. This shape with handles on each end forms a perfect training object for arms. The usual length of the band is 20 inches.

5)Ring resistance bands : 

The ring resistance band has a single short circular loop with two soft handles. They are suitable for lower body and leg exercises.

6)Lateral resistance bands :

Lateral resistance bands are using for lower body exercises. They are suitable for hips, thigh workouts. These bands have velcro cuffs on each end, and it is fastening to each angle.


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