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How do you recognize depression? How to cure depression

A decline in activity, a gradual loss of joy in life, trouble sleeping are just a few of the symptoms of depression, which is the most common mental disorder. Overcoming depression is a long-term process that requires close cooperation between the patient and the doctor and psychologist. What are the other symptoms of depression? What symptoms should not be underestimated? When does ordinary sadness turn into depression? Who to contact for help? Find therapist near you to get help. Sometimes you can use alternative methods like shaman therapist which is avaliable at Gia Miami

Depression or sadness?

When the feeling of sadness and depression begins to accompany us or our loved ones, and this condition lasts longer and longer, it is worth considering whether these are the first symptoms of depression. It is estimated that up to a dozen percent of adults, more often women, suffer from it. However, it is not a disease reserved only for this age group – more and more cases are already noted in children and adolescents.

There can be many causes of depression – including psychological, biological, social and genetic factors, and it is often a complex problem. Symptoms may vary in severity in individual patients, hence the distinction between mild, moderate and severe depression. Despite the common belief, depression cannot be equated only with a feeling of sadness and depressed mood – although these are usually the first symptoms of the disease. Depression is multi-dimensional and can take many different faces.

Symptoms of depression should not be underestimated because, like any other disease, it requires a correct diagnosis and implementation of effective treatment. Unfortunately, as statistics show, it is not easy to diagnose, and many patients remain undiagnosed. What are the symptoms of depression?

Symptoms of depression

The main symptoms of depression are low mood and a sense of sadness, with which the disease often begins. There is also a gradual reduction in daily activities – very often it is difficult for patients to get out of bed in the morning, go to work, they cease to attach importance to their external appearance, and they no longer enjoy their interests and activities, which they used to enjoy. Their ability to experience satisfaction and pleasure is diminished, until they completely lose it, i.e. anhedonia. The sick person is accompanied by a feeling of nonsense and emptiness. In most cases, such moods are more intense in the morning. Depression is identified primarily with a depressed mood, but it is very difficult for a person suffering from it to control their emotions – it can be impulsive, irritable, or explosive.

Other symptoms of depression

Depression manifests itself not only in behavioral changes – they are accompanied by somatic symptoms such as: abdominal pain, diarrhea, palpitations, headaches, feeling broken. In its course, patients often suffer from appetite disorders – they may lose it and even force themselves to eat, which is associated with weight loss, or quite the opposite – their appetite may increase. They are especially eager to reach for sweets then – they start to “eat up sorrows”.

Women with depression experience problems with their menstrual cycle, which becomes irregular. In turn, both women and men may experience a decline in their interest in the sexual sphere, which is often related to the presence of complexes and lowered self-esteem.


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