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How do you make lipstick last longer?

Believe it or not, your smile costs a zillion dollars! The powder and paints in your makeup kit are just for that, but one beauty product specifically furnishes your pout. For that to be taken up to a whole new level of smile aesthetics, try out the  best lipstick in india. Be festive ready in a country full of seasonal festivities. It does not stop there as you go around to spread some bold impression at your workplace and outdoors. Lipsticks have the substance to outdo the blunt effects of lip balms and glimmer of lip gloss. They come in solid colours and many more shades to offer you with a blooming appearance each day.

To have the lipstick last for hours without any fading and smudging, choose the waterproof formula enriched with lip friendly oils and extracts. The facial beauty statement hits record high, with suitable lipstick shades collection in your makeup kit. The foundations and concealers would be the same each day but the multiple lipstick shades present the best version of you everyday. There are certain other ways to enhance the life of the lipstick layer over your lips. These are very simple to carry out for the perfect pout ready lips. 

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Tips to make the Lipstick Last Longer

They contain mild fragrances, waxes, antioxidants, emollients, colourants that vary in composition indicating their forms-solid, liquid and gel. For enhanced spread and moist appearance, artificial and natural extracts in the form of oils are added. The lipstick layers get embedded smoothly for long on cleansed and healthy lip surfaces.

  • Lipstick over impurities glides off soon. Cleanse and moisturise the lip surface with homemade lip scrubs for removing the dead lip cells, any lip cosmetics. And seal it with coconut oil or a proper lip balm. Wait for a while to proceed with lipstick hues. Dry and flaking lips repel the lipstick formula to look scrunchy. Use a lip liner to have a clear idea of where exactly to fill up the next skin care product for optimization of lipstick colour and longevity.
  • Apply in the area demarcated, the foundation or concealer as the lip base after the prior mentioned step. This leads to controlling the assault of leaking lipstick hues. The lipstick reflects it’s best texture over the layer of these cosmetics than over the original colour of your lips.
  • Use the applicator brush to apply the Lipstick on your lips step wise. Begin with the corners of the lips and reach for the centre of your lips. This makes sure you do not spill the formula over and perfects the texture of lipstick rather than going with one sweep and rubbing your lips. That will cause the concealor or foundation to dilute the lipstick hue.
  • After the application of your favourite lipstick colour, place a tissue paper over and dust up some translucent powder over it for finishing up with the procedure. It grants the ravishing texture of matte and holds up the lipstick formula for longer periods than usual.

These are the several tricks you can adopt to have your lipstick rock your day with the memerising effect it leaves for all day long. For your lipstick to shine through the odds of dry and flaking lip surface, make sure to remove the lipstick once you are ready to sleep the night off. Remove it with a water or oil based makeup remover. Then wash off with some splashes of plain water. Once your lips are dry, seal them up with a nourishing lip balm or lip cream to restore the lip cells of hydrating agents and softness. 

Overnight lip care techniques can revive your lip cells from being dried out, rough, full of lines to natural swell of softer versions. That will get the bare lips ready to be decked with a suitable lip balm and lipstick formulas offered by the best lipstick in India. They have myriads of colours to try based on your preferences in hues.


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