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Benefits of High Rise Apartment in Delhi at The Amaryllis by Unity Group

Owning a luxury condominium that requires minimal upkeep can be the dream come true for many. Unity Group’s Amaryllis project aims to do exactly this – featuring dedicated drop-off porches for each tower, double height entrance lobbys and plenty of daylight, this community was designed with your comfort in mind.

For high rise apartment in Delhi, opt for The Amaryllis. 

1. Less Noise

High-rise apartment living is one of the best things you can do for your health. By leaving behind the noise and pollution of urban environments, living in such apartments provides you with respite that can greatly increase overall well-being. In addition, having more privacy means less people lingering around.

Unity The Amaryllis in Karol Bagh is one of Delhi’s finest high-rise apartments, boasting spectacular skywalks, skating rinks, meditation zones and other amenities that set it apart from its peers. Offering 2, 3, 4 and 5 BHK flats for sale – as well as amenities and services such as drop-off porches, Laundromats, automatic car washes and locker facilities – Unity The Amaryllis offers some spectacular amenities and services at its luxury residential project in Delhi.

This development is the perfect choice for anyone in search of an ideally situated luxury apartment. Nestled within Delhi’s core and within reach of New Delhi railway station and MG Road, as well as easily reaching airport and Rashtrapati Bhavan – its centrally-located luxury apartment boasts Mivan shuttering technology to withstand earthquake engineering standards and offers easy access.

2. More Space

As a rule, higher your apartment is located within its building, the more spacious it will become. This is especially true of luxury apartments nearer the tops of towers – giving you more room to move around freely within your space and creating a more pleasant living experience for yourself.

Apartments on higher floors tend to offer better views than those located lower down, particularly in cities that boast picturesque scenery such as lush greenery. As a result, many people opt to live in high-rise apartments for their breathtaking vistas.

Unity The Amaryllis, being developed by Unity Group – an established name in real estate development – promises a luxurious project for Central Delhi that promises an elegant touch to its cityscape. Their 25+ year experience and commitment to customer satisfaction make them one of the go-to names when it comes to residential, retail, hotel and education facilities in India and worldwide. Their portfolio already comprises 15 Million sq ft of commercial, retail, hotel residential facilities as well as more recently hotel services for satisfied clients in Central Delhi alone! With this project sure to add sophistication and glamour into its cityscape!

3. Better Views

High-rise apartments provide breathtaking views of their surroundings, which is sure to please anyone who appreciates admiring nature’s splendor. Plus, with more natural light and improved ventilation you’ll gain more comfortable living conditions as well as increased health benefits in your own home.

High-rise apartments not only provide stunning vantage points, but their higher floors often also boast stronger foundations to withstand earthquakes – an essential feature in areas prone to frequent seismic activity.

Experience tailored luxury at Unity The Amaryllis, a high-rise development in Karol Bagh offering 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments. Set within an opulent gated community, these units boast modern amenities to elevate your standard of living – not to mention being situated nearby landmarks such as India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan and Hanuman Statue – making this the ideal place for you to call home!

4. Less Dizziness

Unity Group is one of New Delhi’s premier real estate developers, boasting several ultra luxury projects like The Amaryllis.

This luxury apartment project in central Delhi features numerous amenities and is conveniently located nearby important landmarks, such as Rashtrapati Bhawan. Additionally, New Delhi Railway Station and MG Road are nearby as well.

The Amaryllis is a high-rise residential project featuring a one-kilometer-long skywalk. Each apartment is spacious and provides spectacular city views; additionally, they are constructed according to Vastu principles for optimal living space.

The Amaryllis is an exclusive apartment complex in Karol Bagh, central Delhi. Each apartment here was meticulously designed for maximum space and comfort; built using Post-Tensioned Slabs which use steel strands to compress slabs while keeping most of the concrete compressed for increased stability and less vibrations. Amaryllis also boasts many amenities including swimming pool, jogging track, viewing galleries.

5. More Privacy

Living in a high-rise apartment offers several distinct advantages over other forms of accommodation, including greater privacy from outside sources. People cannot easily sneak up behind you from lower floors, making it easier to conceal visitors if needed. You also get breathtaking skyline views from your balcony or window – an effective way of improving mood, particularly beneficial to those who suffer from acrophobia.

Your living experience will also benefit from accessing amenities like pools, gyms, yoga lawns and more. Apartments provide this luxury over individual homes, making your life much easier and comfortable.

Unity The Amaryllis in Karol Bagh, Delhi offers luxurious living at its finest with modern amenities and features galore as well as historical landmarks that add character. Contact us now to discover this exceptional new project!


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