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IAS Institute by Dr Tanu Jain

Tanu Jain made the difficult switch from being a doctor to full-time teaching without hesitation, yet her passion for supporting young students to pursue their goals never wavered.

Tathastu provides students with all of the resources needed to successfully pass the Civil Services Examination, such as classroom lectures, study material and practice tests.

Tathastu ICS is rated as best IAS Institute in Delhi

What We Offer

Tathastu ICS goes beyond classroom lectures by offering comprehensive UPSC study materials and test series to its students in order to help them prepare for the examination. Each material is carefully curated in order to give learners a rich learning experience and updated regularly according to changes in UPSC syllabus. In addition, this institute provides personalized attention via mentorship programs and one-on-one guidance.

Tathastu ICS also provides daily practice sessions to allow students to assess their progress, with mock exams simulating actual exam conditions to give students invaluable feedback that can help improve performance. Furthermore, its instructors are adept in teaching UPSC exam syllabus material effectively.

Dr Tanu Jain’s story is an inspiring testament to humanity’s remarkable capacity for adaptation and growth. She went from being a BDS student to an IAS officer through hard work and dedication – taking three attempts before clearing both prelims and mains exams with 648th rank overall! Since then, Dr Tanu has continued her service to society by taking various social initiatives while serving on Drishti IAS committees by conducting mock interviews for UPSC candidates.


Acquiring IAS officer rank is one of the most coveted careers in India, and to do so takes extensive preparation. To assist aspirants in reaching this goal, coaching institutes offer various resources that aid aspirants on their path toward civil service success; such as study materials, classroom lectures, test series, current affairs updates and mentoring/question clearing sessions to guide aspirants through this arduous exam process.

Tathastu ICS is an acclaimed UPSC coaching institute offering comprehensive Civil Services preparation. Their teachers possess in-depth knowledge of both syllabus and exam pattern, creating an inclusive yet rigorous classroom experience. Furthermore, Tathastu’s teachers excel at breaking down complex ideas into manageable chunks while cultivating an appreciation of philosophical inquiry within their students. Furthermore, Tathastu provides access to an extensive online library as well as study materials giving aspirants flexibility when and where they wish to study.

The Academy also assists aspirants with selecting an optional subject for the Civil Services mains exam, an often daunting process. To assist them, the Academy offers one-on-one mentoring, question clearing sessions and personalized study plans as solutions – it even offers MA+UPSC coaching courses for those wanting to combine graduation or postgraduate study with civil service exam preparation.

Test Series

As part of your preparation for the IAS exam, taking numerous practice tests is key to seeing how effectively you’re learning and making adjustments to your study habits. The top IAS coaching institutes in Delhi typically offer test series programs for both prelims and mains exams; additionally they will offer additional study materials and resources online.

Tathastu ICS provides a comprehensive program to Civil Service aspirants that includes classroom lectures, test series programs, answer writing practices, a dedicated support team for those struggling with certain subjects as well as regular doubt clearing sessions from experienced faculty members and personalized guidance from them.

Tathastu ICS goes beyond providing comprehensive study materials by also helping aspirants select optional subjects for the UPSC mains exam, an essential choice that could have an enormously positive effect on candidate success and Civil Service careers. Tathastu’s mentorship program gives students valuable advice from experienced practitioners with real world perspectives.

The academy’s BA+UPSC coaching course stands out as an innovative and integrated approach that combines undergraduate degree coursework and UPSC preparation, under the supervision of Dr Tanu Jain. Over its long history of helping aspiring civil servants transition into dedicated civil servants, their faculty are experts in various fields and they are known for taking an education approach which emphasizes personal growth while still encouraging academic achievement.


Attaining IAS/IPS/IFS careers are among the most desirable in India but are also amongst the most challenging, so guidance from top-class coaching institutes is of vital importance when taking this exam. Coaching institutes can offer aspirants all of the tools and support necessary for passing such difficult exams.

Aspirants who enroll at the academy will gain from classroom lectures and personalized help from expert faculty members, as well as regular doubt-clearing sessions that allow aspirants to pose their queries or obtain clarification on complex subjects. With such comprehensive support available to them, aspirants will be well equipped for both prelims and mains examinations – increasing their chances of success in Civil Services exams.

Tathastu ICS also offers high-quality study materials designed to give an engaging learning experience, from concise notes that cover the UPSC syllabus directly, and are regularly updated in line with changes to exam content and patterns, to test series designed to assess an aspirant’s readiness for taking an examination at UPSC.

The academy assists aspirants with selecting an optional subject for the UPSC Mains examination. Our team of experts can guide them in choosing one that complements their GS syllabus while simultaneously helping answer writing practice in the Mains examination. With such comprehensive support in place, aspirants develop analytical thinking abilities as well as resilience mindsets necessary to successfully face such rigorous exams.


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