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Gorgeous Sun-kissed Hairstyle Ideas With Balayage

Balayage is a low-maintenance hair coloring technique that involves hand-painting individual strands of hair. It can be used on all hair colors and types, but it’s most popular on blonde and brunette hair.

The just return from the sunkissed look has been trending nowadays, and we all love it! While it would be best if a little bit of sunshine could make this look perfect, this look is always created with care in a hair salon by a talented hairdresser.

You don’t have to be blonde hair to have a beautiful sun-kissed, or dimensional hair color is the perfect match for this look, and it also can be achieved whether you have blonde, brunette, or redhead.

Here is a quick showcase on achieving the effortless sun-kissed hair color, whatever shade you are:

Sunkissed Blonde Balayage Hair

blonde balayage hair

Blonde hair can be made to look sunkissed by going to a few appointments, but you can achieve a depth of color that looks natural at the start of summer. Creating a base of highlights will make this look good, as the final for summer balayage highlights at the end will look brighter and great sun-kissed.

The placement of balayage highlights or human hair extensions is important and will be tailored to your face shape and style. Tones of blonde are also important. Buttery blonde shades are very popular as they create your hair look healthy.

Sunkissed Brunette Balayage Hair

brunette balayage hair

For brunette balayage hair to achieve a natural sun-kissed look, remember not to over-highlight. Your Alchemist can choose the right balayage shades of warm tones to brighten up your brunette hair, not overpower it with many more highlights.

Strategically placed highlights are the thing to the sun-kissed look in brunettes, as is finishing with an all-over gloss to let the hair’s health shine through and reflect and catch the sun’s rays naturally.

Sun-kissed Dark Balayage Hair

dark balayage hair

Dark hair is treated similarly to brunettes when creating a sun-kissed hairstyle look. For deep brown hair, choose a combination of bronze and brown highlights with a limited number of shades to let the hair shimmer. The best ones to choose from are coppery, chestnut, and rich chocolate to create stunning and reflective hair that can capture the sunshine and produce a natural-looking glow.

Look After Your Hair

look after of your balayage hair

It’s more important to take good care of your hair, especially if you’re doing a balayage technique.

Always use some heat protection spray before using heated tools on your hair, and try to use soft scrunchies instead of elastics to help prevent split ends and breakages. This will make a barrier preventing some of the heat damage. Using silk pillow cases and replacing your hair elastics with soft scrunchies will help prevent split ends or breakage. Swapping your towel for an old pillow case can help if you’re prone to breakage, too–try it!

Finally, you ensure you keep up with your treatments once a week–even leaving on a hair mask for five minutes while you shower and then rinsing it off with lukewarm water can help keep your hair thick and shiny. If you have damaged hair, try using a balayage hair extensions or use a mask or oil every week to help keep it looking thick and shiny.


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