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6 Quick Tips to Make Custom Boxes More Interesting & Eye-Catchy

Custom Boxes – In a dynamic world and era like today, you need your product to be eye-catchy to the consumers in order to stand out from the competition. With attractive custom box, you are increasing your customer base because your product gains more visibility. This, consequently, will lead to an increase in your custom boxes wholesale because you are leaving a lasting impression! Read on to find out how you can make your custom box more interesting.

Quick tips to make your custom boxes more eye-catching

Captivating Colors

Colors are one of the main aspects of packaging that grabs attention. Using complementary color combinations, you can create interesting and eye-catchy custom printed boxes. You can use different color palettes to create contrasting patterns for your custom box. This will allow your product to stand out and will grip your audience. Your consumers will feel compel to buy a product that is beautifully coat in various hues of different shades. Colors will give your custom printed boxes a classy look, and your customers feel as though they are buying a product of good quality.

Attaching Handles and Windows

Another way to make your custom box more interesting and useful is by attaching handles to them. This will make them easier to carry and transport without damaging the box itself. Your customers won’t have to go through the trouble of carrying the boxes in their arms; they can use the handles instead! Adding small windows to your custom packaging will add a certain uniqueness to them. Your consumers can easily have a peek at your product, making them more interested in buying it. This will, in turn, increase your custom boxes wholesale.

Increase Durability and Sustainability

Moreover, you can add value to your product by increasing its durability. The more durable your custom print boxes are, the more your consumers are compel to buy your product because it can withstand wear and tear easily. You can use materials such as wood and cardboard, and since your box are custom-made, the quality and sustainability will be ensured.

By not using materials such as plastic, you are also making it environmentally friendly because it can biodegrade without hurting the planet. If you do decide to go for plastic, you can reuse and recycle. This will give your product a good image, and your custom boxes wholesale will increase too!

Size & Shape for custom boxes

You can make your custom packaging more interesting by adding a variety in the sizes and shapes you offer. By diversifying your styles, you are creating a good brand image and increasing customer loyalty because you are providing them with everything in order to fulfill their demands. One shape and size can become monotonous and stagnant as it will not cater to the needs of all your customers.

Increase Visual Appeal

By adding graphics and artwork to your packaging, you are increasing your chances of sales. Because you are making your product leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. These graphics and artwork are sure to increase your custom boxes‘ visual appeal and grip the consumers. You can make your art specifically target toward the type of audience you want to be attract to your product. For instance, you can add artwork in a comic format on the sides of your custom printed box or beautify them by adding flowers and subtle colors if it is a cosmetic product. This will increase the marketing of your product, consequently increasing sales.

Product Details on custom boxes

Adding product descriptions and details to the sides of your custom box will help you gain more customers and increase your sales. This is because it will make it easier for individuals to read. And assess what ingredients your product is made of and how sturdy it is.

The details could also include the manufacturing and expiry date, along with a bit of information regarding the company. It could also include the logo. This will instill a sense of trust in consumers who are brand conscious and prefer certain elements in packaging business.

Summing it up In conclusion, these are some of the various ways to make your custom boxes more interesting. And eye-catchy and increase the demand for your product!


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