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Follow Industry Content Experts to Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Every industry has its leaders, inspiring many with their work. These leaders see the big picture of the industry. They can provide access to critical information restricted to others in the field. Their ideas shape the industry’s future and are one reason every brand has to follow them to adapt for the future.

Content marketing is all about educating their audience by giving the information they lack in easily digestible content. Here are a few content marketing experts to help your marketing efforts.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin rose to fame in the early 90s with his concept of “permission marketing.” Godin did not like the practice of interrupting television shows with television ads. Likewise, he did not like pop-up ads interfering with site user experience and branded these practices as “interruption marketing.” Instead, he advocated for “permission marketing,” where consumers decide whether or not to see ads. According to Godin, it increases conversion rates and builds long-term relationships with customers. Experts digital marketing company in india providing content marketing services will help you write blog posts to boost customer loyalty.

Godin also wants to turn the tide against mass marketing. He says that businesses should focus on a few individuals visiting their blogs. Since they come willingly, they have large amounts of buying power. Thus, companies marketing to a select few individuals become successful. Experts providing content marketing services will help you personalize your blog.

Seth also wants brands to reflect on why people should give them attention. If they could answer that question and find the single most purpose of their brand, they would be successful. It also involves identifying information people are desperately seeking and delivering it to them in the language they speak. Get the enterprise SEO services of a company to communicate brand values through web design.

Here is Seth Godin’s formula for success in content marketing: 

1. Create something meant exclusively for a select group of people. This idea/product should be distinguishable from all available in the world.

2. Approach these people with that unique idea.

3. Learn from their response to the idea by engaging with them.

4. Repeat the process.

Seth Godin stresses the importance of storytelling in his book “All Marketers are Liars.” He believes that people are overwhelmed with too much information available today. Stories help people relax and connect to the world they would rather live in. Godin says that all stories are lies, but they allow people to function and have meaning for their life. So, according to him, people find it more natural to buy products from someone who tells a story. Experts providing enterprise SEO services will help you optimize your site for accessibility.

He also says that people come from all walks of life and that marketers should not change their worldview. He wants them to reach people where they are and identify their worldview. When you do this, you can influence their friends and relatives also. Finally, Godin asks content marketers to pay attention to people’s usage of words and their favorite colors to connect more naturally with the content.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko and is famous for coming up with catchy techniques with inspiration from everyday life. One such technique is the Skyscraper Technique used in link building. In this technique, you have to find high-ranking content having many backlinks from reputed sources. Then you should perfect the original content and fix its inherent weaknesses with a new blog post. According to Brian, this technique would get more backlinks to the content. 

Brian Dean writes in simple English and believes that shorter sentences win people’s attention. He follows the footsteps of the eminent writer Ernest Hemingway who advocated vigorous and forceful words instead of flowery words. Brian Dean believes the use of simple and powerful words will improve readability on the web.

Dean is known for original research and comes up with unique insights. Instead of citing other people’s research, he and his team back up his bold ideas with firsthand market research. It gives Brian a large readership, backlinks, traffic, and higher rankings.

Brian Dean does not believe that there is anything like boring topics. He says that only marketers make the content boring. If you are stuck in industry and struggle to find topics, Brian has a tip for you. Brian asks brands to find a “shoulder niche” for brands stuck in a boring industry. He wants them to find related niches that people are passionate about and write content around those topics.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe wants marketers to find their sweet spot: the intersection of knowledge/skill and passion. Already existing brands cannot afford to start all over. So, Joe recommends that they instead replace passion with the customer pain point and find the sweet spot. 

Joe is known as the “Godfather of Content Marketing in content marketing circles.” He is a bestselling writer, and his “Epic Content Marketing” won a review from Fortune Magazine with the words “Must-Read Business Book.” He launched the Content Marketing Institute in 2011.

He recommends marketers determine their Content Tilt. There is somewhere a content hole that no one has bothered to fix it. If you take the initiative to fill in this gap with your content, it will separate you from the rest. It would give you the most coveted competitive advantage that many brands seek.

The industry expert wants companies to focus on owned media. Major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all controlled by different people. They change algorithms often, and marketers are at the mercy of their guidelines. So brands should focus on building their network through their blog.

Joe also asks brands to purchase assets to accelerate their content marketing efforts. In his worldview, influencers have a big subscription database. You need to buy assets from people with a large following who do not know or care to monetize their network. 


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