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Fix Samsung GPS Not Working With Cell Phone Repair Montreal

Smartphones, whether iPhones or Samsung, work accurately, but they are electronic gadgets and are not invincible. Sometimes many things can occur to a device without any particular reason, and we have to bear with it. Some issues are so small that little tricks can resolve them, but some issues are serious and cannot be neglected, such as the GPS tracking problem in Samsung. Nowadays, the GPS issue is occurring more than before, which is frustrating because it is one of the most handy, essential, and useful apps. It not only helps you find and track your destination when you are going to an unknown place but also helps you to look for a missing device. Suppose you are stuck in the middle of nowhere at night, and your car is not moving; you can send your location to your friends and family and ask them to come and get you. Therefore, GPS trackers are the best. You can also buy and tie them around your pet’s neck if they are likely lost. Many people try and look for the right fix for GPS. Mobile Montreal, a cell phone repair Montreal has provided a few workaround fixes. Let’s go through them and fix your GPS. 

Check Your Network

A common reason for the GPS not working is a poor network connection. You must have a strong network connection if you want to track your location or send it to your friends or family. Without a proper network connection, the GPS will not work. Sometimes when some other signals penetrate or if you are in a building made of metal, you would notice that the GPS tracker is not working. If so, you must leave that building to let the GPS work normally. This way, the network signals will also be strong.  

Enable and Disable GPS

Sometimes when your phone battery is draining out, some people try to switch to a battery-saving mode that switches off the GPS. If you have also turned on battery-saving mode, your GPS won’t work. To make it work, turn off this mode and restart the GPS. Go to the notification panel and look for the locations option. Click it, and you will see if the GPS is enabled or disabled. If it’s disabled, you must click and enable it to work normally. If your battery is draining, you can disable it again, but remember to do that. It is the simplest fix, but people forget this little feature and panic when they see it disabled. 

Disable Airplane Mode

Does anything work when this feature is enabled? While looking for the fixes to resolve the GPS not working issue, don’t forget the Airplane mode feature. If you don’t have it enabled, it is suggested by Montreal cell phone repair to enable it because doing that will cut you off from all the other networks and refreshes your phone. When you disable it, it will bring back the GPS tracker. This is yet again the simplest fix that must not be ignored. 

Google Maps Update

Why are you complaining if you haven’t updated the GPS or Google Maps on your phone? If your device contains downgraded apps, it will be responsible for many problems because such apps contain bugs, glitches, and corrupt files. You must update the Google Maps and GPS from the Play Store as suggested by Samsung cell phone repair Montreal. Updating these apps will ensure that the GPS works perfectly fine. Many people ignore the update when it comes, which is not a good habit and is not healthy for your smartphone.

Update Your Samsung Device

One of the main fixes is updating your device. Yes, updating the apps is equally necessary to make them compatible with your software, but what would you do if the software itself is corrupted and has many bugs? If you are receiving a notification about “GPS not working,” You must go to settings and see if any update has come. If yes, it is suggested that you download and install it immediately because the new updates bring new and innovative features and fix bugs, glitches, and malfunctions. The new updates contain security improvements and many other things. Therefore, update your software and make it work like magic. 

Disable the Power Saver

According to cell phone repair Montreal, people turn on the power saver to save their batteries and increase their life. When you save the life of your battery, you also go through certain limitations, one of which is GPS tracker limitation which is a prime factor as it consumes more smartphone battery when enabled. If the power saver is enabled, turn it off and turn on the GPS. If you are worried that the battery will be drained, always keep a car charger wherever you go. You can charge your phone while keeping the GPS on and enjoy your trip. 

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