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Cool Down an Overheating iPhone With a Phone Repair Shop in Ottawa

How would you know that your iPhone is getting too hot? Have you ever experienced it? Normally, it would feel hot when you touch it, but there are many other ways to know if your phone is overheating. You will receive many warnings on your screen like it will stop charging when it’s hot, your phone will perform slowly without any reason, and you will get stuck in places. You can also see a black display if your phone is overheated. If your iPhone becomes excessively hot, it will give you a temperature warning on your screen. When you see this warning on your screen, you can probably do emergency calls until it cools down. Overheating is not good for your cell phone because it can melt down the internal components and damage them. The processor and battery will be affected most if you don’t do something about an overheating smartphone. Therefore, you must take steps to cool down your expensive device. Mobile Doctor is a phone repair store in Ottawa that has given a few ways and fixes to cool down an overheating iPhone. Let’s go through these fixes without further ado. 

Stop Your iPhone From Overheating

Reduce Processor Intensive Tasks

Many people habitually use processor-intensive tasks on their iPhones, knowing they will overheat their phones. For instance, playing heavy 3D games on your phone or watching YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime videos for longer will affect your phone negatively. Using your iPhone for more than 15 minutes for these purposes puts a lot of strain on the processor. Therefore, it is suggested that you must reduce and limit such tasks and use a laptop or gaming console if you love games and want to play. You must also use a laptop to watch Netflix and Prime videos. It will save your iPhone from overheating.

Switch on the Auto-Brightness

Most mommies and daddies habitually use their phones at high brightness and complain that their phone gets hot quickly and the battery drains. That is because of full brightness. If anyone in your family or you is facing such problems, it is recommended by phone repair shop experts to turn on the auto-brightness feature. To do this, scroll down to settings until you see the accessibility option. Click on it and open it. You will see the option of display and text. Clicking on it will take you to the screen where you can turn on the auto-brightness feature. This feature adjusts the screen light according to the outside lighting. If it’s the day, the brightness will increase; if it’s night, the brightness will automatically be reduced. 

Look For Apps Responsible for Overheating

Are you lately experiencing any problems with any of your apps? Do you think an app is responsible for overheating your phone? If you do not understand an app crash, you must go to settings, click on privacy and visit the analytics and improvements. When you click on the analytics data, you will see the list of crashing apps downloaded on your phone. You must uninstall such an app to get rid of the issue. Keeping such apps not only overheats your phone but also corrupts the software. If you update your software whenever it comes, you must also update the apps and ensure they are compatible with your device.

Remove the Phone From The Heat Source

According to a cell phone repair shop, you must ensure you are not using your phone in the heat. If you are deciding to go to a beach and sunbathe, you mustn’t take your phone with you because direct sunlight is not good for your gadget and can melt your phone’s internal components. Many people also habitually leave their phones in a car parked outside under the sun. It not only heats the car but also your smartphone. If you deeply care about your expensive gadget, you must remember that extreme temperatures are not good and can damage the cell phone badly. 

Take the Phone Case Off

If your phone is overheating, the first step must be to bring it and place it somewhere in the cool environment cool so that the temperature decreases down gradually. According to a phone repair store in Ottawa, you must take off the phone case to prevent overheating. Many people have leather protective casings on their phones, that absorb the most heat. Therefore, it is recommended that you must also take the phone case off of your phone and ensure that the airflow is nicer and the openings are not blocked. 

Plug it Out of the Charger

When you plug your phone in the charger, its normal for it to warm up but if it feels too hot to touch, you must unplug it immediately. When your phone overheats while charging, it will stop charging and stop at 80%. Which means there is no need to charge it more.

You must get your phone checked by the professionals so that they can give you the best possible solutions of an overheating phone. Implementing on these steps will provide you a visible change in your phone’s condition. 

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