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Five Famous Rappers with Face Tattoos

Among the classical features of a rapper, having a tattoo on eh face is crucial. Although rap artists are brave enough to have signature tattoos on their bodies, it is rare to see a rapper have a tattoo on their face. Isn’t it a sign to assume that the particular rapper has dedicated his life to rapping? These  05 artists will explain to you that.

Lil Pump

Lil Pump, or Gazzy García, is an American rapper famous due to the Soundcloud rap scene. He is among the wealthiest young rappers in the world, claiming his net worth to be around $10 million. Another reason for his fame is his face tattoo. 

According to his fans, Lil Pump has about 25 tattoos, including the tattoos on his face. He has tattooed an alien face, an alien ship, a star, and a rocket. When it comes to the skull tattoo on his face is his signature tattoo.

Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 has now turned into 6ix9ine, and he was born as Daniel Hernandez. 6ix9ine, or Tekashi 69, is among the aggressive rappers and is famous for the amazing speed he keeps when rapping. 

Also, he is one of the richest young rappers who has passed the $10 Million milestone. As Tekashi Reminds us, the reason for having a tattooed face is to remember the Fear Of Being Arrested At Summer Jam. That reason has put him into the most popular Tiktokers as well.

Post Malone

Austin Richard Post or Post Malone is an American-born musician, rapper, recording artist, singer, and songwriter. The 27-year rapper got the recognition due to blending genres and subgenres in arioso hip hop depths. 

As much as the fame he got from 10 Billboard Music Awards, three American, and several more award ceremonies, his face tattoos have brought his influence. He has tattooed medieval age symbols on his face with serious creativity, and his beard also beautifies it.

Island Boys

The American hip-hop duo first got fame as TikTokers. The Florida-based rappers have got a lot more addition to their rapping skills. Among the colorful teeth, hairstyles, and various value additions, their tattoos greatly make Island Boys twins more popular. No 17, Eagle, crown, and there are few words on their faces. More importantly, they are proud of their awesome tattoos.

Lil Peep

Lil Peep was born in 1996 as Gustav Elijah Åhr. The rapper has had lots of ups in his rapping career, and the mid-late 2010s emo rap scene 2010 was crucial. He loved his mother a lot, and he had tattooed her initials on his arm first. Cry baby, Get the cake, Die Young, and the Ulpees words have been tattooed on his face. Also, Roses, Simpson’s Mom, and Stars are on his face as Tattoos.


This article has explained 05 rappers who have used their faces as influencing material for their careers. You may decide whether they have succeeded with their tactics by looking at their net worth and the number of increasing followers on various social media platforms.


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