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9 Shoe Types that you must have in 2022

Shoes have been a popular fashion product that raises the style icon of a person. If we talk about their evolution, it’s been an interesting, dynamic, and never-ending tale. The major use of the shoes is to protect the feet, but now shoes are also a way to show the style. 

People love to wear shoes; shoes today define a person’s style. Good shoes catch everyone’s eyes; thus, you can level up your fashion with good shoes. 

Regarding footwear, we saw amazing inventions in the 19th century. In the early 1830s, the Liverpool company founded a shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole. They act as footwear that one can wear at the beach. Additionally, they had a line that ran roughly around the rubber sole’s edge, connected to the canvas upper.

In the 1870s, the beach shoes got the name “Plimsolls.” It was a very appropriate name because, generally, it is a reference mark on the ship’s hull which shows the maximum depth to which the vessel may safely be immersed when loaded with cargo. 

Must-Have Men’s Shoe Styles

  1. Service boot

It is a kind of leather boot that fits up over the ankle. Service boots are best for the outer environment. If you want to look like a tough guy, you need service boots for you. These boots are old-fashioned but give you a tough look; almost every guy wants that tough look. These are like military boots. 

You can wear these boots for hiking and other recreational activities. They provide ankle support and are best for people who want to wear leather hiking boots.  

These boots have their style, and you can get them for yourself. You can get them from the online stores. 

  1. Chelsea boot

Chelsea boot is the best combination of casual and corporate. They are somewhere between boots and dress shoes. These boots can level up your style game and give you a modern look. You can wear Chelsea boots for the occasions like Friday night celebrations and other parties.

  1. The dress sneaker

Everyone needs a pair of sneakers with a relaxed attitude but maintaining a tidy sense of elegance. A pair of sneakers goes best with any outfit you wear. Sneakers will suit you whether you wear jeans, shorts, chinos, or any other outfit. 

Dress sneakers are the go-to footwear for any function. Wear dress sneakers if you are unsure what footwear to wear at a party or other event.

  1. The trainer

You may occasionally need a pair of simple shoes to put on and go. You use shoes like this to persevere through challenging days. These shoes help to land your feet evenly and properly. They also absorb the movement shock and keep you away from getting injured. 

The trainers can also refer to the running or exercise shoes. You can use these boots in the gyms. Also, you can wear it whenever you go to play any sports. 

  1. The Chukka Boot

Chukka boots have a straightforward style, and one can use them with everything from casual wear to formal attire. Chukka boots are ankle-high leather boots, and these boots have 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets. 

There are 2 whole pieces of leather combined to make the Chukka boots. Thanks to this, Chukka boots get their fashionable seam along the center of the foot. Since this seam is unquestionably one of the primary features that set a real chukka apart from other styles of boots, it will always be there. 

  1. The oxford

These boots are known for their small heel, which gives these boots an awesome look. They come in different variations, and they are right for office wear and also for smart-casual events. These boots command respect wherever you go. 

These boots are available in different variations and are perfect for office wear; you can also wear them at smart casual events.

The oxford shoes have a unique design where the eyelet area is hidden within the vamp. It provides a formal look so that you can pair it with suits and denim. Try to buy a black oxford for you; it goes well with every outfit. 

  1. The dress boot

Dress boots are common boots, yet level up your style game. It can help you to look like one of the best guys dressed in the room. You can wear these boots at weddings and can get an amazing look.

The dress boots can give you an extra height and, at the same side, give you comfort by wrapping your ankles and providing more insulation than the standard boots. 

  1. Loafers

Loafers are shoes that are worn on foot without the use of laces or other fastening mechanisms. Due to this reason, people also know it as slip-ons. Loafers are easy to wear, and one can be comfortable wearing Loafers. 

The loafer is quite versatile in terms of style. As a result, loafers are far more elusive to categorize than other shoe types like brogues and derbies. 

  1. Gumboots

Gumboots are the types of boots that can help you give protection from the rains and also save you from slipping in wet areas. Apart from safety, the boots also provide a fashionable look. 

Gumboots have been very popular in the present times. The use of these boots is not limited to the monsoon season; you can wear them in any season and level up your fashion game. 


At last, we would say that the boots can protect your feet and can also increase your fashion status. Today, there are different boots for every occasion; you cannot wear a single shoe for every occasion; it will not look good. There are various boot designs that you must have for yourself; we have mentioned the best boot styles that you must have in 2022. 

By having all these major boot styles, you can wear a different type of boot at a different suitable event. By this, you can level up your style game and be known for your fashion knowledge. 


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