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Explore the Chief Health Advantages of Neodymium Magnets

In a lot of modern technologies, neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets are used. It is because of the strong magnetic field properties of magnets. Especially, the fields of medicine and dentistry observe a lot of usage of rare earth magnets. These magnets offer a wide range of benefits when used for therapeutic reasons.

In our natural environment, neodymium magnets do not exist in metallic forms or in the shape of other mixtures. However, the neodymium is refined to be used in the Americas and Asia. 
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Health Effects of the Rare Earth Magnets on Body

The rare earth magnets are molded and used in certain medical devices like MRI. MRI is also known as magnetic resonance imaging. This methodology is used for diagnostic purposes to find out the cause and treat health conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain disorder
  • Insomnia or the inability to sleep
  • Pain in any area of the head

Apart from the above, there are several other health conditions and acute diseases that can be diagnosed using a static magnetic field. These magnets have a curing effect and this is the reason why the rare earth magnets are also called ‘magic magnets’.

Body’s Magnetism

Being human beings, our bodies have a natural tendency for magnetism and electric fields. All the molecules in our bodies have tiny amounts of magnetic energy present. As the name suggests, the thought behind magnetic field therapy revolves around the idea that issues can occur because your magnetic fields are out of balance. In case you put a magnetic field close to your body, it is believed that the health problem will turn back to a normal position.

We will now look at the health benefits made possible with magnetic field therapy..

Would Recovery

According to a scientific research study, there is a reduction in the blood flow inside tumors. And this reduction can be removed with the help of magnetic therapy using rare earth magnets.

Also, in the tissues that have a build-up of tumors, magnetic therapy increases platelet activity. And many patients report that they felt much better. In the aftermath of platelet activity, patients observed fast-paced wound healing.

Dealing with Neural Problems

According to a study, the magnetic fields produced are in line with the research done on neurology. And this is done without doing any harm to the neural system. Also, it has been reported that it builds a strong magnetic field in rTMS. This way, a proven way of treating depression through magnetic therapy has been found.

Skeletal Healing

A research study was done in which experiments were done on a group of rabbits. The study showed that the rare earth magnets in a scaffold prevented movements in the damaged epiphysis of the femoral bone. By doing so, the pace of the process that enables tissue regeneration becomes fast.

Not just this, but the neodymium magnets are also of great use in surgeries, including endoscopic surgeries. Tumors can be reached fast by using rare earth magnets and help the patients to recover quickly.
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