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Experts of Mobile Phone Repair in North Highlands Explains Ways to Maximize Battery Life

Most of us depend upon our Mobile phones for our day-to-day operations. After all, it’s our main source of navigation, information, and entertainment. We rely on our cell phones to stay connected and updated about the happenings around us. Due to this, we want our mobile phones to function smoothly and never run out of battery.

Unfortunately, no matter how advanced the technology has become, we still have to keep our phone’s battery topped up everyday to make sure it doesn’t die when we’re not in the position to charge it. And Lithium-ion batteries are eventually going to age and wear out with the passage of time.  However, Experts of Mobile Phone Repair in North Highlands recommend some ways which we can adopt to extend our phone’s battery life. 

Keep reading to learn how to maximize your phone’s battery life.

How to Maximize a phone’s battery life according to the experts of Mobile Phone Repair in North Highlands

You may have noticed that your phone’s battery does not last as long as it used to when it was brand new. Three years of usage, and it doesn’t even pass a single day without multiple charges. Keeping a phone longer than usual is another reason the battery drains faster than expected. 

While we may be unable to stop the lithium-ion batteries from aging, we can adopt some changes in our phone usage to maximize the phone’s battery life and make the phone’s charge last longer. 

Following are the ways recommended by Experts of Mobile Phone Repair in North Highlands:

Lower the Screen’s Brightness

No matter how you use your cell phone, one simple way to reduce battery drainage is by lowering the brightness of your phone’s screen. You can dim your phone’s brightness or turn on the auto-brightness to extend your phone’s battery life. 

The auto-brightness feature adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the light level. For example, in daylight, it increases the brightness to increase the screen’s visibility, whereas, in the dark, it lowers the brightness. 

Use the phone on Power-Save Mode

Many of the new smartphones have a power-save mode that turns on automatically when the phone is running low on battery. You may not keep it turned on all the time; however, it is wise to turn it on when you’re not in the position to charge your phone, and your phone is running low on battery. It lowers the screen’s brightness and turns off unnecessary wireless features. 

Keep the phone updated

Always update your phone whenever there is a new software update. Manufacturers usually come up with updates to fix the previous version’s errors and bugs and add new information and features such as ways to improve power management. Hence, always keeping your phone’s software updated is essential for increased battery life. 

Reduce or Turn Off Push Notifications

If feasible, turn off your phone’s push notifications such as game updates, incoming emails, real-time score updates, news updates, etc. The updates require your phone to check automatically with the server of the phone using the internet, which eats up your phone’s battery life. Hence, turning off or reducing push notifications can help you maximize your phone’s battery. 

These were some of the tips recommended by the experts of Mobile Phone Repair in North Highlands which can help you maximize your phone’s battery life. However, if you still feel like your phone’s battery is old and worn out, you may consider getting it replaced by a well-reputed store such as the First Response Phone Repair, which deals with original High-quality products only. 


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