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Dubai Metro: scheme, stations, prices, opening hours

Compared to the rest of the emirates, public transport is best developed in Dubai. Air-conditioned city buses, river trams, ferries and taxis run here. However, the most popular in Dubai is the metro, which quickly takes tourists to the airport and most of the city’s attractions.

How the subway works in Dubai

The Dubai Metro scheme consists of two railway lines, which are partly underground. Since most of the paths run along viaducts, the subway ride is a mini journey against the backdrop of the urban landscape of the resort.

The green and red metro lines have 20 and 29 stations, respectively. In addition to the names, the stops are assigned sequential numbers. The red line stretches along the coastline for 52 km – from the airport to the border with Abu Dhabi. The Green Line is twice as short and runs in the eastern part of Dubai, connecting Etisalat and Dubai Creek.

The city is divided into 6 zones. The underground road only passes through sections 1, 2, 5 and 6. This division forms the cost of the Dubai Metro. Changing from branch to branch takes place at two stations – Union and BurJuman.

All trains, like the metro, are automated and operate without a driver. Each train consists of 5 carriages. One of them is exclusively for women and children. And a trip in a Gold Class VIP carriage will cost twice as much as usual.

For the safety of passengers, a transparent wall with sliding doors is installed at the edge of the apron.

The opening hours of the Dubai Metro vary from day to week. The metro is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 5:30 for the green line and 5:00 for the red line. From the terminal station, the last train leaves at midnight. The subway closes an hour late on Thursday. On Friday, a short day: the red line runs from 14:00, and the green line from 10:00. Train traffic ends at 1:00.



Subway travel is paid for with a transport card. The most profitable option for a tourist is a silver card suitable for frequent metro trips. The Gold Card is used only for staying in a carriage of the corresponding class. A blue card is issued with the assignment of personal data, convenient for students and residents of the UAE. Each pass is rechargeable and is valid for 5 years.

The red card is a regular ticket for 10 journeys. You can buy this only at the metro station.

Vending machines are installed inside the subway to sell cards. Contact the ticket office if you find it challenging to figure out how to buy a ticket in the Dubai Metro through the electronic system. Prepare a credit card or small bills for calculation.

The fare depends on the number of zones crossed in one trip. A transfer through three or more sections will cost 7.5 dirhams for the silver card, 8.5 dirhams for the red card, and 15 dirhams for the gold card.

Tourists advise paying attention to the distance of the road itself. A path up to 3 km and travel within one zone is paid at the rate of 4 dirhams. If you need to bypass two adjacent sections, then the previous tariff is increased by 2 dirhams.

The cost of a child’s ticket is not inferior to that of an adult if only the baby’s height does not exceed 90 cm, and the age is 5 years. In this case, the entrance to the metro is free.

How not to get lost on the subway

If you do not know how to navigate the Dubai metro, use the machine that issues travel cards to find a detailed map of stops. In addition, all carriages have free Wi-Fi access.

Remember that the platforms are separated by train tracks, so you need to choose the right direction before getting to the forum. The name of the final station will help with this – so you can go down the stairs, escalator, or elevator to the desired side.

From the Union station, there are buses to the neighbouring emirates. Shoppers should get off at Dubai Mall station, while Dubai Marina will lead to Marina Beach, from where you can go on a boat trip from the pier.

However, if you do not enjoy taking the metro, we advise you to equip your car with the corresponding tires. Bonus points for you if your tyres fall under the list of best car tyre brands.

You can also take the subway to the former residence of the sheikhs of the Emirate, getting off at the “green” station Al Ghubaiba. The Burj Khalifa tower is located near the red line stop of the same name, from where it is convenient to get to the zoo and the free Jumeirah beach. And the dolphinarium is located 600 meters from Dubai Healthcare City, in the Greek park.

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