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Top 10 Cyber Security podcasts you should listen to in 2021

Do you want to learn more about Cyber Security podcasts? Do these make you crazy to understand or have a better idea about the same? Here is the list of Top 10 Cyber Security podcasts you should listen to in 2021. 

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Here are the Top 10 Cyber Security Podcasts you should listen to in 2021 are mentioned below. Let’s get started-

Darknet Diaries

The owner of the Darknet Diaries podcast is Jack Rhysider of TunnelsUp blog fame. Jack is a cybersecurity expert who mentions everyday stories based on the circumstances. The stories may be from various fields like IoT risks, ATM hacking, Credit card, and many more to entertain people. The content is based on the latest happening related to crime. 

The Podcast is 60 minutes launched bi-weekly from September 2017. This is available on YouTube, iTunes, Overcast, Google, and many more. 

The Shared Security podcast

The owner of the Shared Security Podcast is Scott Wright, and Tom Eston discussed mobile devices, global politics, IoT, Whatsapp privacy, five eyes surveillance updates, and other threats. They want to educate the user about the ongoing threats in the world and how to stay safe and aware of them. 

Five episodes are launched per month for 20 minutes. The Podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Google, and many more.

Cyber Security Today

Toronto, Ontario, gives updates about the Podcasts. The exciting thing about the Cyber Security Today Podcasts is that they deal with recent or day-to-day cybersecurity issues. 

The episodes are launched every week. The number of attacks that come to market is four each of 10 minutes and can be listened through Spotify, YouTube, or Google.

The CyberWire Daily Podcast

The one who runs the CyberWire Daily Podcast is David Bittner, who addresses industry analysis, cybersecurity news, and many more. CyberWire comes in the top 40 US podcasts related to technology with free premium content.

The Podcast was launched in 2015 weekly. The content in this is 20 minutes and can be accessed through Google, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, Apple podcasts, and many more to reach the people.

Smashing Security 

The co-hosts of Smashing security are Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault.  The talk is based on the pros and cons of 2FA, corporate apps, and some adult websites. 

It came into the market in December 2016 to spread awareness on the same and keep people updated on the related topics. The episode is 50 minutes and comes weekly on Google, Spotify, iTunes, and RSS.

Malicious Life 

The Cybereason is the person behind the malicious life Podcast. He deals the untold stories related to cybersecurity all over the world. They focus on real hackers, politicians, experts in security, and many more issues close to it. They try to figure out the old ways of cybercrime and the new ways of cybercrime.

Every Monday, the Podcast is aired for 30-40 minutes and can be listened to from different platforms like YouTube, Google, and other used and famous sites. 

Cyber Security Sauna

F-Secure’s Janne Kauhanen hosts the show to present you with the topics related to security. They get guests to their presentation to brief them about the issues on safety and its trend. 

It has been on the social media platform since Nov. 2017 and is aired for 37 minutes. The episode comes every month. And each month, one episode is podcasted. It is available on Google, YouTube, Spotify, and many other sources.

Down the Security Rabbithole

The host of the Down the Security Rabbithole is Rafal Los and James Jardine. This Podcast displays scandals related to Cyber Security and their headlines. 

Their latest show discusses how people are tricked into getting unnecessary security tools as scams and uses apps to hijack customer tools and threats through social media platforms like LinkedIn. They deal in the topic like the pros and cons of 2FA, Abusive corporate apps, and many more.

The Podcast was launched in 2016 December. And the Podcast is a 50 minutes podcast that runs weekly. The Smashing security podcast is present in some platforms like Google, Spotify, iTunes, and many more.

Unsupervised Learning

Daniel Miessler has expertise in infosec and gives debates and speeches on the related topic at many conferences. The issue they aim to discuss is more of Google security, helpful information on Cyberwar, and other relevant issues. 

Unsupervised Learning was started in January 2015 January. It is aired on iTunes, Spotify, and Overcast. The content is of 20 minutes and is done weekly to spread the information around the world. 

Security Now!

The host for this Podcast is Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson who talks on personal security and last week’s update on society or the globe. They follow the old School pattern of downloading the MP3 and can be transcribed on three sites. However, the SprintRite software is focused more on the subscribers.

The Podcast is the lengthy one, around 100 minutes, and is aired weekly. This came on-screen in 2005 and can be made available on Podnova, iTunes, and other platforms like RSS.


I hope you got the detailed query about the Top 10 Cyber Security Podcasts you should listen to in 2021. For further information, get tuned with us or keep reading our articles or posts to stay updated. We are waiting to hear from you to get more ideas about the same or relevant topics.

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