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Famous Dubai landmarks: a quick guide

Famous Dubai Landmarks

The luxury and technology of the United Arab Emirates captures the imagination and attracts millions of tourists. Holidays in the Emirates combine the environment familiar to Western tourists – modern hotels, transport, entertainment centres, infrastructure – and a tropical climate with Eastern customs. There are a lot of famous dubai landmarks.

The most famous and popular emirate for tourist holidays in Dubai and the city of the same name. Coastal Dubai is home to the main attractions of the UAE. When planning a vacation in the emirates, be sure to include them in the list.

Following are the famous dubai landmarks given below.


“Burj Al Arab”

The luxurious seven-star hotel “Burj Al Arab” is located on a small artificial island 280 meters from the coast and resembles a sail in its shape. The building ranks fifth in the list of the tallest hotels in the world.

Here you will not find budget rooms, only chic two-story suites with panoramic views of the bay and city. Gold leaf was used to decorate the interior. The hotel has a rooftop helipad and a restaurant. The creators keep in secret the amount that was needed to build this giant. Today it is considered one of the most expensive complexes globally, and all travellers take selfies against its background.

Burj Khalifa

Some of Dubai’s attractions on the map can really surprise you. For example, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet. 828 m, 163 floors – a spectacular skyscraper that resembles a giant stalagmite.

The dizzying building was planned to be named “Burj Dubai”, which means “Dubai Tower”, but at the opening ceremony, it was dedicated to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the current President of the UAE.

Building a skyscraper was an incredibly demanding undertaking. A particular type of concrete was even developed for the tower, which can withstand the local climate with a temperature of +50 ° C. Workers only had to put the mixture at night and add ice to the solution.

The Armani hotel is located on the first floor. The building has gyms, swimming pools and terraces for relaxation. More than 30 floors are occupied by apartments, and the same number are equipped for office space. On the 122nd floor, Atmosphere operates, which bears the highest located restaurant on Earth. Climbing up to the 124th or 148th floor, you will see an observation deck equipped with electronic binoculars.

For the convenience of visitors, the building has three separate entrances: the hotel, apartments, and offices.

The world

The word “the most” and the sights of Dubai are as if created for each other: the most modern technologies, the most luxurious resorts and beaches, the most exquisite restaurants.

Stopping on land-connecting archipelagos is too easy a task for the emirate. “Mir” is located four kilometres from the coast and resembles the continents of the Earth. Moreover, the government plans to create new islands during the “Universe” project.

The idea of ​​bulk islands arose because, by the end of the 90s, almost the entire coastline of Dubai was built up, and the flow of tourists continued to grow. As a result, there was a need for other beaches. This is how the island palm trees and the Mir archipelago were created.

Most islands have already been snapped up by celebrities, billionaires, and businessmen from different countries. It is planned to build apartment buildings, spa resorts, mansions, and villas here. Dubai also plans to build new, unusual hotels on the archipelago.

It is assumed that when reefs and vegetation around the islands are restored, they will be indistinguishable from natural archipelagos in a few years.


Getting around in Dubai is relatively easy. Dubai offers a variety of transportation methods which include:

  • Car rental companies.
  • Taxies.
  • Services such as Uber.
  • Metro lines.

If you already own a car, make sure your tyres belong to one of Dubai’s best brands of tyres.

Dubai, with its skyscrapers and man-made islands, represents the future of humanity. Therefore, the government’s attentive attitude towards the environment deserves respect, as the UAE places high stakes on developing the tourism industry. In addition, the government oversees an active greening program for the country.

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