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Strains To Buy For Sleep From a Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Ana

It seems cannabis is everywhere nowadays. While recreational cannabis is legal in 18 states, medical cannabis is legal in 36 states. Studies have shown that cannabis can be effective in managing symptoms associated with a number of health conditions.

These conditions may include arthritis, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and insomnia. One of the common reasons for which many people visit a cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana is to buy cannabis for insomnia.

Cannabis and sleep

There are a lot of people in America who struggle to fall asleep at night. In fact, in the United States, around 58 percent of adults do not get enough sleep. Sleep disorders are becoming more and more common around the world because of hectic schedules and unhealthy lifestyles.

Many people choose to take the help of sleeping pills and/or other pharmaceutical medications to get some sleep. But, these pills come with severe side effects and can be very addictive. Fortunately, cannabis is considered a much safer and more effective alternative to these pills.

So, if you want to use cannabis for sleep issues, such as insomnia, here are the best strains you can try.

Strain 1. God’s Gift

Also known as the dreamy strain, God’s Gift is a heavy hitter that can make you fall asleep with ease. It is truly a present to all those people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. This Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple.

God’s Gift comes with high levels of THC (27 percent) and low levels of CBD. So, if you are someone who has low tolerance, you should be careful with this strain. Nevertheless, it is a great option for people who fail to get enough sleep because of stress. It offers full-body relaxation, making it a great strain to consume before bedtime.

Strain 2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most popular cannabis strains that you can use for sleep. It is widely known for the relaxing effects it can offer. This Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a cross of an Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa. It comes with high levels of THC (18 percent), which makes it a fast-acting strain.

One of the best parts about using Northern Lights is that it can make you feel relaxed instantly. The cerebral high offered by this strain can help you feel comfortable and doze off to sleep.

Strain 3. Purple Kush

The last strain on our list is Purple Kush. It is again a very popular cannabis strain that is a pure Indica strain. Purple Kush is a cross of Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani. This amazing strain comes with high levels of THC (22 percent) and very low levels of CBD (less than 0.1 percent).

If you are having trouble falling asleep due to pain, Purple Kush can be a great option for you. It helps you get relief from pain and fall asleep faster.

Various studies have shown that cannabis can be very effective for sleep problems. The above-mentioned cannabis strains are some of the best ones that you can buy from a Santa Ana dispensary for sleep.


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