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Three Ways Playing Ludo Can Benefit Children

Board games are popular recreational activities that help people to have fun, reduce stress, increase focus, and healthily engage their minds. One of the most widely played board games is Ludo. The word Ludo is derived from the Latin word, ‘Ludus,’ whose etymological meaning is ‘I Play.’ Ludo evokes the memory of the past days and is synonymous with quality time with friends and family. Hence, it instills a sense of nostalgia for many. These games are innately fun and contribute to building interpersonal relationships. It is a favorite leisure time activity, which can be played between two to four players.

The various equipment in the Ludo game includes the Ludo board, die, die cup, and Ludo tokens/pieces. The traditional board game is now widely available on the digital platform, which eliminates the hassle of procuring the required Ludo equipment or finding players. You can play Ludo online on your smartphones, anytime, anywhere. The gameplay is easy to understand and has appealing visuals and features that help improve the gaming experience. It integrates the voice chat feature to seamlessly communicate with the other players to enjoy a real-time playing experience. The Ludo application will enable you to connect with players across the globe (subjected to its availability) and battle to make it to the top of the leaderboard. The app may also offer to play the game locally in ‘pass-and-play’ mode.

Ludo game has no age bar. Children, as well as adults, can indulge in this board game. Since the rules are fairly easy to grasp, it is ideal for kids. It is a great way to help supplement the child’s learning and teach them essential life skills. Typically, the game features a maximum of four players, and each of them competes against one another. It generally includes the colors green, blue, red, and yellow. Each player must opt for a particular color and gets assigned four tokens of the chosen color. In their turn, they need to throw the die, and according to its outcome, race the tokens from ‘start’ to the ‘home triangle.’ The winner is the first player to bring all of their tokens to the home triangle. The remaining players compete to occupy the rest of the positions.

Playing Ludo can benefit children in various ways.

Learning and Development

Playing board games contributes to a child’s brain development. Ludo is not merely a game of skill and it requires active engagement on the player’s part to form a strategy that will enable them to move their pieces across the board tactically. Hence, it enhances the child’s brain’s thinking capability, memory, and concentration. It is an immersive game, and based on the current position of the Ludo token; they must make immediate decisions on how to move it. Thus, Ludo helps in building cognitive capacities in children.

Hence, playing Ludo as a recreational activity helps the brain process information faster. Ludo requires focus to be on a constant lookout and maintain the token’s safety on the board. Opponents chance upon situations to kill other players’ tokens. Hence, to save one’s token and make the winning move, one must concentrate better and think faster. Ludo helps capture the players’ imagination to affix their focus and build perseverance to achieve a goal. Hence, Ludo enables children to develop their multi-tasking skills, which are transferable since it holds for various real-life situations.

Physical and Social Benefits

Playing Ludo helps to nurture relationships. It is ideal for building interpersonal relationships and enables children to communicate and interact with others. Hence, it contributes to developing their social skills. It teaches them various valuable skills to pave their way ahead, both in the game and in life. It promotes teamwork and also enables them to build confidence. Ludo also helps children learn how to manage their emotions. It allows them to cope with the situation and deal with success and loss. It also encourages various positive behavior and sparks their creative skills. Ludo helps create a safe space for children to express themselves without holding themselves back. Hence, it is well suited for children.

Have Fun

Besides everything, playing Ludo is exceptionally fun. Children can acquire various technical or creative skills while having fun. It is enjoyable and enables one to spend quality time with friends or family. It acts as a stress buster for adults to bring down negative emotions, giving them an immediate sense of relief. Ludo is known to reduce overall anxiety levels and help improve mood. It allows them to take their minds from daily problems and temporarily lose sight of real life. Thus, playing Ludo helps them relax and counter the work-related fatigue.

To Conclude:

Hence, Ludo contributes to developing learning skills, like attention, memory, and thinking in children. Game-based learning enables children to grasp the necessary skills that will allow them to survive in the real world. Hence, indulging in the board game Ludo in a permissible limit brings about various positive benefits.


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