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Benefits Of Reading Books: Why You Should Read Every Day

Reading books actually has a lot of benefits. 

But the truth is it becomes really hard to read a 300-page book when you just can listen to an audiobook, watch a movie, or watch a YouTube video summary to know the storyline. Still, there are a lot of people who love to read. 

They have made a daily reading habit and also follow a particular routine, like reading a book for half an hour before going to bed. 

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Benefits Of Reading Books

Now the question comes, what are the benefits of reading books? 

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the major benefits of reading books. So that you can convince yourself along with your loved ones to read more and more books on a daily basis, this will give you the much-needed motivation you might be looking for. 

Benefit No. 1: Gain Valuable Knowledge

From reading, you will gain more knowledge. 

Isn’t it supposed to happen? 

Yes, it does. You might learn about anything from a YouTube video, but it can not offer you the in-depth knowledge about the topic a book can provide you. 

This is the reason why we need to read a lot of books in our school and colleges just because we are required to develop a piece of in-depth knowledge and understanding on that subject. 

Benefit No. 2: Exercise Your Brain

Joseph Addison, the 17th century English writer had stated that reading does the same to our mind that exercise does to our body. It improves your capability of focusing on a particular thing. 

Research has shown that reading stimulates a complex network of signals and circuits in the human brain. In addition to that, when you improve your reading ability, all these networks will also become more sophisticated and stronger. 

Benefit No. 3: Improve Your Mental Health

Improving your mental health is one of the major benefits of reading books. Several types of research have been conducted on the effects of self-help books, and it has been seen that they might have a measurable impact on depression along with other mood disorders. 

Book is also being used for therapy purposes. It is called “bibliotherapy.” Here the mental health experts suggest to the patient some books particularly curated for treating their mental health issues. 

Benefit No. 4: Enhance Your Memory

In case you are one of those who are always forgetting things, reading can solve your problem, as it improves your memory power. When you are reading a nonfiction book, you are actually consuming a massive amount of information on that particular subject. 

Just the same way, when you are reading a novel, you are required to remember the characters, their relationships, the plot and subplot of the story, and the environment in which the story is taking place. 

All this information develops new memories and strengthens old memories. 

Benefit No. 5: Improve Your Ability to Empathize

Reading books can improve your ability to empathize with others. Along with improving relationships, empathizing also comes with the benefit of informing our moral compasses. 

Research has shown that individuals who have been into fiction reading for a long time are more prone to develop a better “theory of mind.” This particular term describes the capability of empathy and the ability to understand others. 

Another study has found that when we are reading stories, it explores the inner lives and emotions of the characters. This way, our ability to understand the feelings of others improves. 

Read Book Every Day

Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, reading books also reduces stress, offers a scope of entertainment, improves your communication skill, improves your focus, and helps you to live longer healthily. 

So, you see, reading books comes with a lot of benefits. Start reading today and develop a habit of reading books on 


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