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Benefits of Dental Sticks for Dogs

To look after your pup means taking care of its dental health too. While canines don’t require as frequent teeth brushing as humans do, they still need to clean their teeth and get rid of all the plaque and bad breath. Canines are also susceptible to periodontal disease, so buying dental sticks can improve and protect their dental health. There are many more benefits to offering your dog various dental sticks, and we’ve listed the most important ones.

Healthier teeth and gums

Did you know that the more dogs chew, the less plaque build-up they have? According to experts, dental sticks and treats for dogs reduce plaque by 70%. The fact that dogs are actively chewing makes a difference to their oral health. Dogs tend to chew on everything from footwear to furniture. Be a responsible pet owner, and provide them with a dental stick to improve their health because they will be chewing on a teeth-friendly treat. A dental stick cleans all those unreachable spots you keep trying to brush when cleaning your canine’s teeth.

No more bad breath

You’ve heard that people often call human breath dog breath when someone spreads excessive odour from their mouth. Considering dogs don’t have a teeth-brushing routine, it’s no wonder their breath becomes unpleasant quickly. Bad breath is the result of bacteria build-up. You can help your dog decrease the intensity of its bad breath by getting quality dog dental sticks or them to chew on whenever they need to entertain themselves. However, even when offering your dog treats, it would be a good idea to visit the vet and ensure there is not an underlying condition causing the bad breath. Professional teeth cleaning and regular teeth brushing will do wonders for the pup’s breath, improving the effectiveness of the dental sticks. Always consult with the vet on the best option for your furry friend.

Benefits facial muscles

Aside from protecting their teeth, improving breath smell and eliminating plaque, dental sticks are ideal for training the facial muscles. Dogs love to chew with force and exert their facial muscles in the process. The more time they spend trying to chew the dental stick, the better developed and toned facial muscles they will have. Forget about the pup attacking your couch or your favourite pair of footwear. With a quality dental stick always around, you can ensure that after having proper food, your dog has a yummy and healthy treat, as many dental sticks feature enzymes and beef rawhide. Go for the stringy ones, as they contain a mixture of enzymes that promotes the production of saliva, eliminates toxins, and improves digestion.

Keep their mind occupied

Dogs need plenty of entertainment. They’re at their happiest when you take them outside and play fetch with them or have them follow you on your morning cycle. The less attention you pay to the pup, the lonelier it will be. That can have grave consequences for their mental health. By offering canines dental sticks, their mind will be occupied with all the ideas of how to make the stick more interesting. Allowing your dog to spend at least 30 minutes every day chewing on a dental stick will improve the pup’s dental health and make it a happier pooch.

Final thoughts

When unsure of how to improve your canine’s oral health, consult the vet about using dental sticks. While the majority of dogs benefit from chewing on dog treats, some dogs might be the exception. So, to be on the safe side, always consult the vet on what to offer your dog. Age, allergies, and the condition of their teeth can affect the decision. So, offer your pup only the best care by accepting advice from the pros.

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