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A List of Foods To Avoid Giving To Your Pet

Dogs can eat whatever food we give them, but certain things are dangerous. We will tackle the most common foods that can be dangerous to Dogs. Remember, this is not the complete list. Should there be any concerns about your dog, explore them with your veterinarians. Some online vets in Washington offer online consultation on your pet’s diet, nutrition, and exercise. 

Here is a list of the most dangerous foods for your pet: 

1. Alcohol

Alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream and has an immediate impact on animals. A cup of beer, wine, or particularly sangria left on the ground during a party will attract pets quite readily. Drinking alcohol can significantly reduce body temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Animals under the influence might go into hypoventilation and have convulsions. The unknown culprits are frequently alcohol-containing desserts or dough made with yeast.

2. Fats & Bones

Table scraps sometimes include bones and unconsumed beef fat. Both pose risks to dogs. Dogs who consume fat removed from cooked or raw meat may get pancreatitis. Further, although giving a dog a bone appears normal, dogs can choke on them. Also, bones that splinter might lacerate or clog your dog’s digestive tract. To prevent your pet from looking in the garbage for scraps or bones, have a trash can with a lid or a trash bag that can be sealed close by. Ask kids and others not to discard chicken, hog, turkey, or rib bones on the ground, as your pets will easily access them.

3. Fatty Foods

Foods heavy in fat can make your dog throw up and have diarrhea. Ingestion of a fatty meal in dogs frequently results in pancreatitis. Resist the impulse to feed your dog any leftover fast food, junk food, or greasy meals like burgers, hot dogs, ribs, steak, pork chops, or fried chicken.

4. Raw Meat & Fish

Like raw eggs, raw meat and fish can also contain germs that can make your dog sick. Keep your raw fish and meat out of your pet’s reach so they cannot accidentally consume something poisonous. If untreated, “fish illness” can be lethal in as little as two weeks. Vomiting, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes are some early sickness symptoms. The parasite will be killed, and your dog will be safe if you thoroughly cook the fish.

5. Xylitol 

Xylitol is used to sweeten candy, gum, toothpaste, baked products, and some diet meals. It can result in liver failure and your dog’s blood sugar reduction. Vomiting, drowsiness, and difficulties with coordination are among the early signs. Your dog could eventually experience seizures. In a few days, the liver may fail.

6. Caffeine 

Give your dog toys if you want them to be active. Caffeine has deadly effects. Do not give your dog cola, chocolate, cocoa, and energy beverages. Some anti-cold medications and pain relievers also include caffeine.

7. Chocolate

Theobromine is the issue with chocolate. All types of chocolate, including white chocolate, contain it. The most dangerous types are dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. A dog may get diarrhea and vomiting after eating chocolate. In addition, it may result in cardiac issues, tremors, seizures, and even death.

8. Avocados

A kind of fatty acid called persin is present in every part of the fruit and is hazardous to your puppy in big doses. 

Regardless of how careful you are, your dog may eventually find and ingest something harmful. Keep the phone numbers for the local vet and the emergency room nearby. You can ensure that your dog eats a healthy, balanced diet by contacting your veterinarian for a recommendation on high-quality dog food. Also, if you believe your dog has consumed something poisonous, immediately dial 911 for assistance.


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