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Alcoholism – How does alcoholism develop?

For the treatment of alcoholism to be effective, it is important to answer the question of what the causes of this disease are. Their analysis allows for the selection of an appropriate method, thanks to which the treatment of an alcohol rehab – a specific person struggling with this problem – will bring the desired results.

Where does addiction come from? It is not yet clear from the research on the development of addiction how it occurs. Also, the question of why some people are able to drink more and not become addicted while others are able to drink less and become addicted remains unanswered. There are so many reasons people turn to an alcohol bottle that it’s impossible to list them all. Simplifying, however, there are two main causes of alcohol consumption – social reasons or those resulting from the effects of alcohol. Among the factors causing addiction, the following can be distinguished:

How does addiction arise?

Biological factor – whether the body is more or less vulnerable to addiction is due to genetic predisposition. Research to date does not confirm the existence of the gene that causes addiction. Certain features inherited from ancestors, however, may make a person have the so-called predisposition to addiction. They can also be influenced by gender, diet and general health. It is also important that the human body reacts to alcohol in a different way due to its biochemical structure.

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Influence of psychological factors – each person is characterized by a different personality. His intellectual and emotional development also takes place differently. Puberty is related to both internal and external factors, and sometimes it becomes disturbed beyond our control. These disorders have an impact on our further life. Some people need extra props to help them improve their mood, shape their mindset, or simply add power. Alcohol becomes such help. Initially, its effect seems positive – it instantly changes a bad mood and makes you feel euphoric. Thanks to him, a person has the feeling that maybe everything that is actually just an illusion. Alcohol does not solve problems, does not allow you to mature and deal with yourself – on the contrary, it creates a distorted image of a person.

Influence of spiritual factors – spirituality is seen here more than religiosity or faith in God. It is a person’s self-awareness, his ability to ask himself questions – who am I? where am I from? where am i going It is it that determines the main meaning of our existence, because thanks to it we learn the truth about ourselves, our morality, hierarchy of values ​​and aspirations. If alcohol is an incentive to life for a person, an indirect means to achieve greater value, it soon becomes the greatest, most desirable value. To crave alcohol more than love or anything else – that’s alcoholism.


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