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About Custom Tshirt Printing

A shirt is a formal garment for wearing to work or to formal evenings or meetings. Not everyone wears a shirt and many do not even own one, it really depends on where you work and your lifestyle. A tshirt is a different thing altogether. Far more people wear tshirts, it can be a very casual and comfortable garment worn every day, and you can also dress it up for going out. Many stores and businesses wanting employees to have some form of uniform choose custom printing Singapore with a good tshirt so there is a team spirit, they are identifiable by customers, but they are still comfortable as they work. It is also a way to market the business. They cross genders, ages, income brackets and as long as it is a good quality tshirt, people wear them for potentially years.

Printing on tshirts

Another good reason to opt for tshirts over shirts in a work environment is that you can easily have the tshirts printed on so they have a logo, your location, branding, and then as well as being a suitable casual uniform, they act as a marketing opportunity. But as well as the advantages to be gained as a business, custom printing Singapore is also attractive to other tshirt wearers. Teens wanting to make a statement can create their own designs. The fashion-conscious can get creative with what they wear to express themselves. Teams in sports can create an affordable kit. Friends can create tshirts in support of each other or a cause. Families can create tshirts to celebrate getting together with funny photos and images on them.

You do not have to share a specific message

While a lot of tshirt printing efforts are created to share a specific message, political, personal, a joke, a company, it does not have to be that. You can choose a design, or create something that reflects you and your personality better than any tshirts you find in stores. With the right design, you can show people something about yourself, whether you are sweet, compassionate, determined, even angry or sad. Over the last ten years there has been a sharp incline in people using tshirt printers for more personal reasons as well as businesses for marketing and uniform purposes. 


The two more common printing methods used for tshirt printing are digital printing and screen printing. Digital printing has some advantages if you are looking for a lot of detail in the print, high quality, and you are printing in smaller quantities. Screen printing is ideal if you are happy with less detail, 2-4 colours used and for bulk orders. A lot of custom top printers will offer a reduction in charges for larger orders. But watch out, some have a minimum order requirement. When looking for a professional printer look into their reputation, check for online customer reviews, see what is being said about the quality of their printing and look for some experience.


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