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The Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Outdoor Lights

The outdoor lights on your property are responsible for the safety of your family, friends, and property. There are many types of exterior lighting fixtures available to homeowners today, each with its own benefits, limitations, and applicability based upon the situation at hand. With so much to discuss, an article will provide great insight into the various types of exterior lighting fixtures available.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are typically located along a path that’s traveled frequently. These lights allow for safe travel when it is difficult to see where you’re walking, such as at night or in bad weather conditions. Found most often leading up to walkways or buildings, these lights are an essential part of one’s home for both convenience and security.

Pathway lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and features. From stylish lamp posts to energy-efficient LED fixtures, there’s a fixture available for every situation and application.


Floodlights are very versatile and widely used for both paths, walkways, and other adjoining areas. Floodlights are typically installed with mounting poles that allow you to angle the lighting perfectly for any situation.

Floodlights can be wired or run off solar panels or batteries, making them a great option anywhere, including remote locations that do not have access to standard electrical wiring.


Up-lights are another great option to consider for pathways. These outdoor post top lights are installed into the landscaping along a path to provide light straight up along the area you’re trying to illuminate. These lights are perfect for paths that lead up to building entrances, walkways, or anywhere else you need bright focused light.

Security Lights

Security lights are fixtures typically found on the exterior of a building to provide ambient light. Security lights aren’t always “on” but allow you to see your surroundings when needed. These types of lights are great for driveways, sidewalks, or any place where extra security is required.

Security lights can also be wireless or run off solar panels, making them an excellent option for remote locations that do not have access to standard electrical wiring.

Entry Lights

Entry lights are fixtures located by your front door, garage door, and any other places you would like to make sure someone does not come in unannounced. These lights can be wired or wireless, depending on each need.

Entry lights are great for detection, alerting you (through a chime or other device) when someone has entered your home. Entry lights can be used with security cameras to allow you to see the area immediately in front of your main entry points, no matter where your location is. Motion sensor lights can also be utilized at entrances and walkways to ensure that they are only on when needed.

Wireless Lights

Of course, not all exterior lights need wiring. Wireless fixtures provide the convenience of moving them around quickly without hitting a switch or finding a ladder to turn them off and on. Many lighting manufacturers now offer wireless fixtures for easy installation without running any wiring.

Wireless fixtures offer many benefits as traditional wired lighting, such as bright, focused light, motion sensor controls, and remote on/off operation. Pathway lights can be an essential part of your exterior lighting system if you want to ensure optimal security and safety for your home and loved ones. Be sure to ask your local dealer for more information about available options when considering pathway lighting.


Downlights are another excellent option for illuminating pathways. These fixtures illuminate the walkway or surface they’re placed on and provide a unique look when installed around trees, flowers, or other landscaping.

Landscape Lights Landscape lighting is used to highlight various areas of the exterior of your property, including pools, gardens, statues, walkways, and more. These lights are typically installed by burying the wire underground to provide a hidden look that helps protect your wiring from the elements.

Pond Lights

Pond lights are a unique style of lighting used to illuminate water sources, including ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. These lights are typically installed by wiring into the pond’s edge or other water sources, then pushed into the ground.

Pond lights need wiring directly into your existing lighting system, so they come on with your exterior illumination plan, turn off automatically when not needed, or even are programmed to provide a unique look.

As you can see, exterior lighting is an essential part of your overall lighting plan. Many different options are available when considering exterior lights, including various styles, colors, and technologies, to ensure that the perfect solution is available for any need or budget. Be sure to consider all of your options and discuss them with a local dealer before making final decisions on illuminating your exterior.


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