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A Guide to NameCheap Hosting

Founded by Richard Kirkendall in the year 2000, Namecheap has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

They claim to have over 11 million active users during the previous 20+ years.

Where does NameCheap stand in all of the hostings?

Can they have the same impact in a different market as the domain name?

To what extent, if any, are they capitalizing on the fame of their name?

Does Namecheap meet our standards?

Discover the answer here.

NameCheap Hosting’s Pros

Besides providing new customers with a complimentary domain name, Namecheap also boasts impressive speeds, uptimes, migrations, and extra package options like backups.

Here are all the specifics:

Free Migration and Domain

When it comes to domain names, Namecheap hosting review is unparalleled.

Therefore, it stands to reason that they will gladly provide one free of charge if you register for their hosting package.

Only the first year is without cost.

Following that point, you’ll be responsible for the domain’s renewal fee.

They also offer free assistance with website migration if you currently have a site up and running elsewhere.

Namecheap promises a complete cPanel migration that will take only about 24 hours and cause no more than fifteen minutes of downtime.

If they can’t get your site moved over (or you’re not happy with the transfer), they’ll refund the cost of your first month of shared hosting.

The quick loading time is only 319 ms.

The speed of the service is the second most significant metric behind uptime.

Faster service has been shown to increase overall satisfaction among site visitors.

According to recent research by Google, if your web pages take more than six seconds to load, you may expect a rise in bounce rates of over 100 percent.

Therefore, maintaining your website is essential.

If the site loads slowly, it’s almost as awful as the alternative.

People will abandon your site in such large numbers that it could also be down.

Namecheap’s average page speed over the past six months of 319 milliseconds places them in the top 10 quickest hosts we’ve tested.

You Have 30 Days to Request a Refund.

Namecheap backs its services with a robust 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can test out their service risk-free for an entire month.

It’s still possible to change your mind and try something if you’d rather.

The Best Value Package

By now, we’ve tested a wide variety of hosts.

Our standard practice is registering for the bare minimum service at each company to launch a test version of our website.

For two reasons:

  • We want these reviews to be grounded in hard evidence, such as metrics for actual performance.
  • All hosting companies offer roughly equivalent basic plans.

While we were expecting little, Namecheap exceeded our expectations.

Even their most basic plan did not limit user data transfer speeds.

Standard features such as cPanel access and WordPress installation are also included.

One year of their SSL certificate is included in their cheapest plan at no extra cost.

Even if something goes wrong while you’re upgrading your new site, you’ll have access to backups every other week.

The 50 MySQL databases included on their cheapest plan are a major selling point.

Also, this package allows you to launch three different websites.

Generally, you can only host one website at a time with the most basic hosting packages.

You’ll appreciate this deal if you maintain multiple sites—say, a professional and a personal one.

As a bonus, you can create up to 30 unique email addresses from the get-go.

Over time, this can result in significant savings.

Solid Customer Service

You can contact Namecheap’s helpful staff via their website’s ticket system or their real-time chat feature.

You may check out their huge knowledge and understanding, blog, and a variety of tips and videos in their comprehensive assistance center.


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