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6 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Clip-Ins

Human hair extensions are a lot of fun since they can quickly transform your style, but you might be startled by the following 10 typical hair extension blunders. Not everyone has the privilege of sitting down for long hours to study all there is to know about human hair extensions, which is why we are here! 

When we say you’re making these frequent mistakes, we are not implying that everyone is doing them all in one, but they’re incredibly widespread errors that will cause a lot of harm to your clip-on hair extensions and your natural hair.

Clip-on extensions are a blessing since they allow women with short hair to achieve the desired length and long-haired women to add thickness to their already lush, long strands. That’s not to suggest that women with short hair don’t obtain increased volume, but length is the most noticeable difference when using hair extensions like clip ins. 

Continue reading to learn the top 6 regular mistakes we’ve seen with clip-in extensions and how we propose fixing them. 

Mistake 1: Washing Your Clip-In Extensions Frequently 

One of the most common misconceptions regarding clip-in hair extensions is that you must wash them just like real hair. However, this is not the case. Letting your hair clip-ons get wet (regularly) will dry them out, so prevent washing them as much as possible. You wouldn’t have much product build-up to scrub off if you only use minimal hair products.

When you must clean them, we encourage choosing a sulfate-free cleanser and being as delicate as possible with the wefts where the clips are attached. You will also have to clean and condition the wefts separately instead of washing the entire set together. If you aren’t sure about washing your clip-on hair extensions, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Before washing your bob wig, give them a quick brush to remove knots. For textured clip-in extensions, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers and start from the ends– one weft at a time. 
  1. Before washing your human hair extensions, wipe your sink, then fill it with lukewarm water. Fill the sink with 2-3 hydrating, alcohol-free, sulfate-free shampoo pumps. You don’t need to use a lot of shampoos because clip extensions hairstyles don’t produce oils– so you only need a few pumps to get rid of the build-ups.
  1. Split your clip-in hair extensions into manageable sections and get ready to wash! Hold the top of the wefts and start washing the human hair extensions. Dunk them a few times into the solution and work the shampoo into the strands with your fingers. Use gentle strokes to wash them thoroughly. Once you’re done with the first sections, set the wefts on a towel and repeat the process for the other wefts. 
  1. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to your clip-in hair extensions, starting from the top and working downwards. Meticulously rinse the conditioner and give your clip-in hair extensions a cold water blast to seal the moisture and close the cuticles. If you are using virgin Brazilian clip-ins from True Glory Hair, we recommend following up on the conditioning step with a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning will help the human hair extensions maintain their luster and healthy appearance. 
  1. Lay out your clip-in hair extensions individually on a towel and apply a bit of lightweight serum to keep the strands from becoming frizzy as they dry. 

Tip: When shampooing and conditioning your clip-in extensions, use delicate strokes and avoid scrubbing too hard or getting your fingers stuck inside the wefts.

Mistake 2: Being Too Rough With Your Clip Extensions 

Be gentle with your hair clip-ons 

Being harsh with your human hair extensions will reduce their longevity and affect their entire appearance. Human hair extensions of any type are an asset; if you are too rough with them, you won’t be able to style or blend them in the long run. 

If you comb your clip-in hair extensions too hard, they will shed more than average. They will fall out, just like your hair, if you tug. The same principles apply to your clip-ins. Rather than being forceful, gently comb your hair extensions with the right brush to eliminate any knots or tangles. 

Try a mild detangling mist if you’re having trouble with unmanageable knots– nothing excessively thick or heavy cream-based products. Otherwise, you will have to wash your human hair clip-ons more regularly if you use solutions that might cause product accumulation.

Another way to cause damage to your hair extensions is by being overly harsh when washing them. That is why we have laid out a step-by-step process to help you minimize damage. 

Mistake 3: Installing Your Clip Extensions Too High 

Installing your clip-in extensions correctly 

Many make this very repetitive error since you instinctively expect to position the clips directly at the root. That’s not the proper technique to install your clip extensions. An inch underneath the root is preferable since natural hair is there and ready to secure your clip-in hair extensions. 

Another thing to remember is that you should not install your clip-in extensions any higher than the level of your brows. You must not cross that height threshold while installing clip-in hair extensions. The weft bits designated for the front section can be positioned higher but not too high; otherwise, they will become apparent.

Mistake 4: Not Securing Your Shorter Pieces When Blending Your Clip-Ins 

Secure your shorter ends before installing your clip-in hair extensions

One of the most obvious signs indicating you are sporting clip-in hair extensions, especially if you have short hair, is that the shorter sections at the back are apparent when you bring your clip-ins forward.

But don’t panic, we have a simple solution! Just separate the bottom of your natural hair from the rest. After that, plait your shorter strands and tuck them away with bobby pins. It will help cover your shorter strands so that when your hair clip-ons are moved forward, they seem natural and blend flawlessly. 

Mistake 5: Choosing The Wrong Clip-On Hair Extension Shade 

Result of choosing the perfect shade 

Clip-on hair extensions are meant to seem natural. In other words, no proof should exist that you are wearing hair extensions. That’s why it’s critical for your hair extension’s shade to replicate your natural hair because, unlike sew-ins and tape-ins, hair extensions need to be blended with your natural hair. 

If you are not confident of the hair color of your hair clip-ons to your natural hair color, visit one of True Glory Hair’s stores, and the pros will help you find the right clip-in hair extensions and the perfect shade. 

Mistake 6: Using Cheap And Low-Quality Clip-Ins 

Shop high-quality extensions 

It is no surprise that clip-in human hair extensions are an investment, but buying inexpensive ones with poor quality won’t save you money in the long term. Cheap clip-in hair extensions seldom last as well as premium extensions, seem less natural, and frequently come apart. This compels you to buy clip-ins more frequently, which eventually costs more because you must buy them repeatedly.

Spare yourself the trouble and get high-quality clip-on hair extensions. These are typically reusable, and you can treat them like your natural hair.


These are the 6 common mistakes everyone makes with clip-in hair extensions. Use the information provided above to stop these avoidable mistakes today!  If you don’t know where to start your shopping, we recommend True Glory Hair. They provide virgin Brazilian clip-in hair extensions at competitive prices, and you won’t have trouble blending them with your natural hair. Shop for the best clip-on hair extensions and get your money’s worth! Their Brazilian extensions will last for years, and styling and maintaining them is a piece of cake! 


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