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5 common myths about human hair extensions

Every woman wishes for thick, voluminous, silky, and smooth hair. And human hair extensions can make these fantasies a reality! As a result, in this post, we will dispel five common myths about hair extensions.

Myth No. 1: Human Hair Extensions 

Don’t try to blend with every hair.

Who Said It, Anyway? False, False, False!

Malaysian, Brazilian, and Indian human hair extensions are among the many extensions available in the hair industry. Extensions are available in various styles, such as straight, wavy, or curly hair, as well as any length and color. Finding the right extensions for your hair’s texture or style is all required because anything you can imagine is available, making blending a breeze!

Myth No. 2 – Human Hair Extensions Are Expensive

Verdict: So, so false!

There are various types of extensions, including:

  • Sew hair extensions in.
  • Ponytail elongation.
  • Hair extensions with halo
  • Tape human hair extensions in
  • Human hair extensions are clipped in.

These extensions are all extremely comfortable. Yes, you need to understand how to install these extensions. Wearing clip-in hair extensions, human hair ponytail extensions, or halo hair extensions, for example, is simple, whereas installing tape in human hair extensions or bob wig necessitates the assistance of a skilled hairstylist.

Myth No. 3: Human Hair Extensions Do Not Last

The verdict is FALSE FALSE FALSE.

Despite their “desire,” many women abandon the idea after learning that extensions are a waste of money and don’t last very long. However, this is a myth. There is no hair damage because most human hair extensions come in various styles and do not require hot tools. Using extensions for any desired look saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair.

Myth No. 4: Hair Extensions Are Made From Dead People!

WHAT IS THE VERDICT? OMG! Allow Me to Laugh First!

This is one of the most bizarre and amusing hair extension myths. 

Imagine someone shaving a dead head to collect the hair. 

Hairstyles for extensions is primarily obtained from Indian temples. Religious people tonsure or shave their heads in a devotion ceremony at temples such as the Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, India. After that, the hair is auctioned off. Indian women, in essence, keep their hair and sell it to vendors. So they come from living people, not spirits of the dead!

MYTH #5: Human Hair Extensions Are Difficult to Maintain

This is completely incorrect!

According to rumors, extensions are difficult to manage. I mean, is it that difficult to wash your hair? Isn’t that correct? Extensions, on the other hand, require very little effort. Let’s review your extension care and maintenance again to confirm this myth. If you wear extensions daily, you should wash them at least twice a month (you must wash your hair more often). You can use the shampoo and conditioner on your extensions the same way you would on your hair (do you wash your hair any other way?). Allow the sew in to dry naturally on the wig stand or blow dry them on the cold setting (is there another way?).


These are the five most common hairstyles myths that we debunked today. So, ladies, why not visit True Glory Hair for the best human hair extensions and disprove everyone who believed in all those myths?


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