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You Asked for Leather Belts – Here’s What We Recommend

Donning on a belt is an effortless way to pull off your kicky outfit. Wrapping a pair of glossy pants with a collaborative leather belt is all about your chic look. Belts are never out of fashion. But what makes leather belts all the more special? Read more…

Belts are one of the ancient accessories, with elements of buckles found back in the Bronze Age. Leather is the first-picked material for belts as it endures being bent or crumpled without giving in to any defect. Additionally, belts made of pure leather encase the user with a comfortable, bespoke as time progresses. Though they’re often neglected, these are a wonderful way to portray the disposition of their wearer without letting them down.

Pay Heed to These While Searching for a Belt


Belts are ideal when they give a sturdy effect despite not being thick. Thicker belts make their user feel right and uncomfortable which isn’t really desirable. Belts made of genuine leather serve their purpose while still pulling the neat and chic look.


Thicker belts, as mentioned earlier, can be uncomfortable to use as they restrict movements. However, wide waist belts, which cinch the waist, make an exception.


The length of the belt is an important factor to take notice of as it determines how the belt will be worn. It’s easy to find the correct measure. One needs to simply measure the waist length, and look for the corresponding size. Adjustable size is perfect according to the variation of size. 


For a universally worn belt, finding the perfect color with the perfect hue is necessary. Black and similar shades are the most common ones as they seem neutral and are multifaceted. Different colors suit different occasions. Bright shades befit informal events such as a get-together, whereas dark shades seem appropriate for official and formal purposes such as a business meeting.


Different ornaments attached to your belt say different styles. Thanks to these adornments, varied styles can be put on. It can be buckles, rhinestones, tooling, or anything similar to these. It can be seen as a way to manifest charm.

Belts for Every Occasion

Belts are generalized as business or formal wear. However, it can be used for casual wear as well. It can be worn for every occasion to add essence to your newfound look.

When putting on a formal belt, match the belt and shoe leathers along with the metal in an outfit. Your belt should have the same color and shine as your shoes and other leather accessories that you wear.

A belt with a bigger buckle doesn’t pull the formal look more or less, hence it is suitable for informal attire.

Care and Storage

Leather should be kept away from humidity, rain, and other watery ways. It shouldn’t be stored in damp or humid settings as they facilitate mildew to feed in and ruin the skin. It’s also necessary to prevent open daylight when stocking your belts. If left in the sunlight for long periods, the vibrant radiance of your belt could fade, giving away a discolored shade of what it used to be.

When excessive heat or insufficient flow of air is seen where the leather products are stored, the odds of forming molds increase. This necessitates proper storage of these objects. It is advisable to store them in a cool, dry environment.

Leather belts can be kept in good condition by occasionally moisturizing them. Looking for damages around the seams and fixing them right away will prove an effective way to avoid further wear and tear and enhance its lifespan.

Being certain about your preference, you should hang your belts on a belt rack, or belt ring, to maintain their quality. If you’ve specifically invested in a tough, expensive formal belt that doesn’t bend so easily, its storage must be decided wisely. When you’re short on space, it is best to roll your belts and keep them in a drawer.

Lifetime Guarantee

A real leather belt can last forever if properly cared for. Belts require a bit more maintenance than other leather garments as they are used for daily wear and put in tension around them, but can still sustain if managed well.

You should go for leather belt companies that guarantee this to you.


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