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Why Should you Calculate your Personal Loan EMI?

In recent years, personal loans have become very popular due to their unsecured nature. In other words, it is a loan without collateral. It is an amount borrowed from a lender without pledging any asset as collateral, such as immovable property, a vehicle, or life insurance.

A personal loan EMI calculator online will help you plan your budget before applying for the same. This article will focus on the importance of calculating your loan EMI by stating various reasons. You can also use the SBI personal loan EMI calculator to plan your budget.

Depending on your needs, a personal loan can be used for anything from funding weddings to funding higher education, renovating your home, growing your business, or consolidating high-interest debt.  

How does a personal loan EMI calculator online work?

A personal loan calculator is an online financial tool that automatically helps calculate the final amount you must repay after adding interest to the principal amount. You must feed information like the loan amount, tenure of loan, and the interest rate to the loan interest calculator to determine the interest and repayment amount. Preferably you can use the SBI personal loan EMI calculator to obtain an accurate result. 

Using the personal loan EMI calculator online, you can change the inputs at any time to decide the amount to be borrowed according to the best of your payment ability. 

How to use a personal loan EMI calculator online

  1. To access a personal loan EMI calculator online, refer to the SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator. It is very convenient to use. 
  2. Set the loan amount that you wish to avail yourself of.
  3. Enter the rate of interest and the tenure of the loan.
  4. Provide the processing fee charges, which are 1.5% of the loan amount + tax in SBI.
  5. After entering all these details, you can press enter to calculate the final monthly personal loan EMI amount. 

Reasons to use a personal loan EMI calculator online

You must pay the principal amount and the generated interest whenever you take a personal loan. EMIs, or equated monthly installments, should be calculated before applying for a personal loan to avoid inefficiencies.

Online calculators have become more popular than manually calculating EMI. The online websites of many banks include a calculator that can be used free of charge. You can use the SBI personal loan EMI calculator online to determine how much you have to repay each month. Consequently, you can understand how the loan will affect your spending and lifestyle. 

Here are five reasons to use a personal loan EMI calculator online

  1. Easy access- The SBI personal loan EMI calculator online is simple to use and helps you know if you are eligible to apply at the bank or not.
  2. Time-saver– It saves a lot of time as the calculator displays the result in the blink of an eye. Thus, saving you the time of going to the bank and waiting to get the same information.
  3. Accuracy: The calculator gives the most accurate result and allows you to change the amount whenever you wish.
  4. Budget planner- Knowing the exact amount of EMI to be paid per month helps you to plan your expenditures and savings well. 
  5. It also enables you to determine the bank’s accurate current interest rate.


This article has provided every detail related to calculating monthly EMI for personal loans. It focused primarily on the meaning of personal loans, personal loan online EMI calculator, and the process of calculating monthly EMI. It concluded by mentioning five reasons to use the personal loan emi calculator online.


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