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Why is Upper Mustang Trek Popular?

Nepal is the hub of most of the famous and immense peaks. Every trekker desires to visit Nepal to gain a trekking experience alongside the magical view of the snowcapped Himalayas. The journey of trekking in Nepal has all that one wants to experience. The snowy white and beautiful mountains surround the trekking trails, friendly citizens with warm hearts, trekkers from all around the world who have a different mindset towards life, culture, ethnicity, and a perfect climate that offers a perfect climate crystal clear view of the surrounding.

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Since Nepal is famous for trekking, one can find many trekking packages to a different mountain location. However, the forever famous Upper Mustang Trekking is irreplaceable. For years, this trek has been one of Nepal’s best trekking and hiking destinations. Hence the Upper Mustang trek indeed has a different kick to it. Here are the reasons behind this trek’s popularity that compels trekkers to undertake this trek and recommend it to other fellow members.

The vast culture

The name Mustang defines the Tibet-like culture in the Northern part of Nepal. The Upper Mustang region is remote and still remains untouched. Mustang is on the Northern side of the Kali Gandaki District. The upper Mustang region reflects the vast and still complicated history the area has to offer. 

Many visitors claim that Mustang is the best place in Nepal in order to spectate the rich Tibetan culture. The locals speak the Tibetan language, and all their cultures come from back in time. Lo Mathang, a plateau rich in its history, is situated in the Upper Mustang region itself. It was only at the end of the 18th century that Nepal acquired this region after years of it being an independent kingdom. 

There are walls built all around the area which were built in the past in order to protect the domain from outside forces. One must have noticed that several permissions are needed in order to trek in the Upper Mustang region. This is done to protect ethnicity and culture. 

It is believed that outside culture or touristic activities are not influenced in this region, and thus culture becomes the perfect reason to undertake the trek. The trek not only brings you close to nature but also the practices and rituals of the Tibetans.

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Perfect Temperature

The Upper Mustang trek will give you the experience of temperature all year round, just within a few days. The temperature in Mustang differs a lot from day to night. During the day, when the sun is above the head, the temperature is around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, but during the night, this temperature falls down to -8 degrees Celsius. 

The morning and afternoons are pretty sunny, whereas the afternoons are dusty and windy. Overall, such a variety in temperature is not seen in other places in Nepal. Also, the cold in the upper Mustang trek is quite bearable, which ensures that you do not fall sick due to the freezing cold. Also, trek to this region is possible all year round as even during the monsoons. It is quite possible to trek in this region as the dry sand does not collect much water and thus is not slippery like that of arid soil. The dry and dusty feel like that of a desert by the side of clear mountain views is surely very rare. Overall, the perfect temperature by the side of the mountain is undoubtedly a blessing.

Moderately challenging

The trek to Upper Mustang is not very challenging. The trek is neither very tough nor very easy, making any trekker confident. Even if you are a beginner in trekking, a bit of practice and determination will indeed help you to complete the trek; however, for experienced or for someone who has gone trekking before, the trip is undoubtedly accessible. 

This trek is about 15 to 17 days long; however, one can easily adjust the number of days of the trek. The trek is not only about continuous walking; one can complete the trek with 5 to 6 hours of trek per day. Enough daylight in the Mustang region allows one to spend more time viewing the elements of nature. One also does not need to carry a lot of technical trekking equipment, which gives an advantage of moving freely without the need of carrying much load.   

More profound experience to the life in Mountains

The Upper Mustang trek has been accessible to outsiders only about twelve years ago; due to this reason, the place does not have tourist-pleasing accommodation and facilities. Thus, one can experience the pure way of settlement of people in the mountains. This trek will definitely bring you near nature, far away from the occupied city life; even though there are no high-standard hotels in Mustang, the locals run the teahouses.

Even though not the very best, accommodation here is very comfortable. The locals offer you the best authentic food that is flavorful, clean drinking water, and clean washrooms are also available. One can request for other facilities beforehand to the travel agencies as well. At the end of the day, interacting and spending time with the friendly locals will make your trek a lot better.

Photography and Friendly Locals

The trek offers a close view of the mountains like the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri. The beautiful scenery the Upper Mustang offers includes all the types of landscapes and physical features like mountains, plateaus, desert-like sandy regions, hills, and semi-arid green patches of fields. 

The sandy terrain, along with the clear blue sky, gives a perfect contrast in order to click the best pictures. These pictures become a forever memory to carry back home for friends and family. One can carry the memory of the beat views Mustang has to offer, and also the warm hearts of the Tibetan people here will give you a reason to live. Upper Mustang is thus one of the best-rated trekking destinations in Nepal. 

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