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Why is Roblox So Popular to Children?

The majority of platforms, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and consoles, support Roblox. The ESRB has given Roblox an E10+ rating, equivalent to Everyone 10 years of age and older. Although fantasy violence exists in the game, much of the gameplay should be kid-friendly. Roblox is given a PEGI-7 rating in the UK despite having a few bloody themes.

Even while millions of individuals enjoy playing Roblox for enjoyment, some users experience issues. Parents are searching for solutions on how to stop their kids from playing Roblox too much due to excessive gaming.

Let’s say you’ve attempted unsuccessfully to prevent your child from playing Roblox or to impose account limitations. If so, this post will be helpful to you.

Why is Roblox so Popular with our children?

Children, especially those under 16, are more likely to become addicted to Roblox (and other games like Fornite or Minecraft that are comparable). Because their brains haven’t fully developed for executive functioning and self-control, teens and adolescents are more likely to experience gaming-related difficulties.

Although Roblox seems like a fun game where kids can express their creativity, the game contains a lot of adult stuff that is not acceptable for youngsters. To keep their children safe, parents must implement parental controls and keep an eye on their gaming. Below are the reasons why Roblox is so popular. Additionally, Roblox has particular game design elements that some players may find more compelling and addicting. Here are a few of the typical reasons people play:


Children require creative activities to aid in their personal and intellectual development. In that regard, video games do have a part to play. Video games can encourage children’s creativity when they are played in moderation, which is good for their development.

There are lots of creative tasks in Roblox. To beat the levels in the game, you’ll require creativity—from making new maps to figuring out how to get around barriers inside the game.

Players that want to have fun and be creative at the same time are drawn to Roblox.

Possibility and novelty

Roblox is challenging in and of itself because each player may design games and worlds for others to try out.

Dopamine, a chemical in your brain that helps you feel pleasure and happiness, is released by playing games and completing tasks like these.

For gamers who appreciate achievement and competitiveness, beating tasks and other players can quickly become addicting.

The Social Dimension

To develop and mature, children need regular socialization.

Players in Roblox can locate communal spaces inside the game where they can hang out, accomplish tasks, and interact with other players.

Additionally, Roblox can be a safe environment to socialize with people without worrying about being bullied or treated unfairly. Games like Roblox might therefore provide kids a secure substitute for interacting socially and making new friends.

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Purchases made in-game

Finally, we cannot overlook Roblox’s in-game purchases. Although Roblox can be downloaded for free, in-game purchases must be made with real money using their virtual currency, called Robux.

“Players can buy new outfits, accessories, and equipment for their avatars using Robux. Additionally, they can buy access to certain user-made games, extra in-game content, and special skills. — Patricia E. Vance

The Roblox creators strive to make in-game purchasing as simple as possible. Players may experience peer pressure to spend money when their peers do because of the game’s social element.

What is required to overcome a Roblox addiction?

  • Recognize and comprehend why your child plays Roblox so frequently.
  • Reestablish a relationship of trust with your child.
  • Make a workable strategy for your family that includes new activities.
  • enlist the aid of experts and your peers

We’ll go over each step in detail below so you can get your kid to stop playing Roblox and focus on more useful things.


Every day, more than 40 million users play Roblox, and 67% of them are under the age of 16. Although over five million daily gamers on Roblox are above 25, the game caters to a younger population. The effects of Covid-19 on our younger generation and children’s socialization. Nowadays, one of the main places for young people to socialize is through games like Roblox.


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