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5 Best Games For Smartphone Users

Smartphones are the next gaming console. Below are the five favorite games for Smartphone users. These games offer the perfect mix of fun and challenge.

A recent craze around town is a collection of epic games free games list. These games are awe-inspiring to every significant player in every nation. Because everyone can play these games for free, they are becoming more and more popular.

Smartphone users should check out these games:

1. Raid: Shadow Legends- it’s an online gacha RPG that’s very popular

2. Puzzles and Survival – A puzzle-based survival-themed game for zombies

3. Mafia City- a strategy game that focuses on the mafia.

4. Genshin Impact – a multiplayer action RPG

5. Bee Swarm Simulator – A multiplayer Roblox game by Onett


For seasoned gamers, it’s easy to be skeptical about gacha RPGs. The simple truth is that they are loved by a surprising number of gamers. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of these beloved-and-loathed players. It’s impossible to ignore. Which legend is the greatest? Learn more about Raid: Shadow Legends’ tiers by checking out our Tier List. It’s hard to miss a game like this, with its stunning 3D graphics, screen-filling pyrotechnics, and accompanying every PVE Campaign mission or PVP Arena piece.


Puzzles and Survival is a puzzle-based survival game where you must face a zombie apocalypse. Instead of the typical gameplay of zombie games, you will be moving tiles to defeat the undead brain eaters. This gives you more purpose than other abstract puzzle games.

Puzzles and Dragons is a similar game to this one. After completing levels that require you to match tiles and make combos, you can unlock characters and go onwards to more dangerous territory, increasing your team’s level of skill.


We’re confident that Mafia City will be well-known by many readers thanks to its relentless marketing campaign. We recommend it because of its unique combination of strategic gameplay and a storyline about how to become a mafia boss.

Many strategy games are focused on fantasy or history, but this game has you managing a crime syndicate in a modern city. These buildings give you access to new resources and allow you to train new types of troops. You can then choose to work with your friends to help you grow your empires or fight other players.

Simulator for Bee Swarm

You may not find the games here stimulating if you are looking to relax and unwind. Are You Genius is a simple trivia game with laid-back graphics and mechanics. Are you a genius? Find out by playing this game!

Bee Swarm Simulator is an online multiplayer game created in Roblox by Onett. This game allows you to raise bees, collect pollen and turn it into honey. KRNL is the best Roblox script execution out of all known Roblox exploits. It is safe and secure, with no viruses or other threats. It’s a reliable exploit and it very rarely crashes.


Smartphones are the most popular gaming platform for almost any type of gamer. There are many Android games that could be called the best, but these are our top choices for this year. We have included some of the best Android games. We hope you’ll enjoy these new games!


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