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Why is CBD a better Pain medication than other Alternatives

The world of medicine has taken vast leaps and bounds. The solution for ailments in the ancient world was natural medicines. They originally came from the herbs and trees around us. The science of Ayurveda became popular to fight common complications. These herbs were perfect for curing muscle pain and cramps. Body pain was one of the most typical problems for ancient humans. It was vastly due to manual labor and on-foot transportation. There were no vehicles to travel back then, and for many, the mode of transportation was only walking.

With time, the science around us evolved. The world became more complicated, leading to a more tiresome schedule. It led to the invention of chemical-based drugs. For pain, chemical-based painkillers became normal. After all, they were widely available and affordable. Mass production made them widely available, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research states that more than 8% of adults get prescription painkillers. The data is from the United States of America, and a similar trend follows globally. But, there are risks of reactions, particularly when it comes to chemical painkillers. Another research by the Centres for Disease and Prevention counts that 15 adults die from chemical painkillers dose. It highlights the lingering problem in using chemical-based products and their risks.

The search for alternatives became widely popular in the previous century. Surprisingly enough, the answer was already there in ancient times. Recreational products and humankind have a vast history. The modern consumer base has widely adopted these products. Marijuana-based products like CBD fall under recreational products, and research states their clinical uses. We will now jump into details of CBD and how it can be an excellent alternative as a pain medication.

Pain Medication

Body pain is typical when it comes to human beings. The problem is not new and is worse in older adults. Several complain of having constant muscle pain, and it often hinders movement. Growing adults complain of reduced productivity and lack of sleep due to body pain. Doctors widely promote ancestral health steps to reduce pain. They also widely prescribe painkillers, which work instantly. The problem comes when the patient takes an overdose of them. The chemicals inside them relax the body but can often cause numbness after an overdose. The addiction to painkillers can cause severe complications and cause death many times.

The alternative lies in organic products like CBD and other Marijuana-related products.

What is CBD?

CBD belongs to the Marijuana family, and it comes from the famous Marijuana plant. The popularity of Marijuana-based products is growing at a rapid pace. Research by Statista estimates sales of these products were 14 million US dollars in 2021. The sales figures are only from the United States of America. The increasing strength during the coronavirus pandemic of the industry is impressive. The same trend is visible in CBD-based products, which are the leading products in the industry. Research by Statista states that the sales of this product were more than 1198 million US dollars in 2021. The numbers are vastly from the United States of America, which is only lacking behind Canada in terms of popularity.

CBD oil and gummies are vastly popular among growing adults. CBD-based products have many ingredients inside them. First of all, they contain Hemp extract, which comes from the leaves of the Marijuana plant. They also have THC inside, and the content is slightly below 0.3%. The other ingredients can be binders and water. 

Now, we will highlight the factors which make CBD-based medication better than typical chemical painkillers-

An Overall Solution

Often a patient requires different medicines for different ailments. It not only causes nausea but increases the chance of overdose. CBD-based products can be an overall solution. Research states that it can help with mental and physical complications. It can release stress and anxiety from the consumer. It also provides nutrients and vitamins to fight against physical ailments. It also comes in handy with arthritis and body pain. It can also aid in digestion, making it an excellent overall product. There are many use cases of CBD-based products, and they can positively improve your lifestyle.


CBD has natural origins, unlike chemical-based painkillers. It comes from the Marijuana tree and is organic. As it is organic, it automatically makes it widely available. The extraction process is easy and maintains top quality. It also makes these products more trustable than their chemical counterparts. The organic nature also makes them less potent. One can easily use CBD on teenagers, young adults, and animals.


Chemical painkillers contain artificial chemicals, which can be dangerous for the body. They can stop the growth and also cause mental complications. An overdose might also cause physical complications. The same is not a reality for CBD-based products. They do not have any potentially harmful chemicals inside, and they are safer for all consumers and will not cause any side effects. The best way is to purchase only those products which have gone under quality-testing by vendors. There will be a seal of approval on every top-notch product. The consumer must research the vendor before placing their orders.


The problem with some chemical painkillers is that they are bitter. Many can hardly swallow them, let alone the thought of making them edible. CBD-based products present a powerful solution. One can easily combine them with food recipes and drinks, and they can also mix well with your daily coffee or tea. Some consumers tend to take it in the morning, giving them an added boost for the rest of the day. One can mix some gummies inside their everyday dinner or put a few drops inside their breakfast. The possibilities are many. CBD can also combine with your exercise routine, as many prefer to mix it with protein shakes. The quantity to mix depends on the user.

Are They Legal?

For many individuals, the trouble with Marijuana-based products always seems to be the legal issues around them. CBD-Based products are legal in many countries. The low content of THC makes them legal in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, and many others. All it does is only induce a light feeling of laziness in the consumer. Other countries are joining hands to make many Marijuana-based products legal within their boundaries.


Pain medications are a must, as adults suffer consistently from body pain. It is essential to look for safer and natural solutions. CBD- based products can be an overall solution for your health woes. They can aid with the mental and physical health of the consumer. The new range of products also includes multiple flavors and multivitamin CBD-based products.


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