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Why Do We Need Application Architecture? 

The architecture of a web app is a structure that defines how an app is organized on different levels. 

But how are the various components of any software application out there in the world organized? And why is it so important? All of these questions will be addressed in today’s article. 

Application Architecture  

What does it mean? 

Application architecture simply refers to how the four primary functions of an application are distributed between clients and servers. 

But what exactly do these functions entail? 

  • Data Storage and Data Access: Effective data management is one of the first topics discussed when discussing Application Structure and Design. Organizations must follow company policies and government regulations to ensure that storage resources are used effectively and securely. At some point, we must save the data that the client or a user is working with. And this data must be stored in an orderly, traditional manner somewhere. This is the essence of data storage and access. 
  • Application Logic: After storing the data somewhere, the data must be manipulated somehow. But, the use cases gathered for that specific software contribute to successful application logic. Word processors such as Microsoft Word, Excel, spreadsheet software, and so on are examples of data manipulation software. 
  • Presentation Logic: The graphical user interface is another name for this. The majority of consumer apps have front-ends. This logic is solely concerned with presenting something to the user/client. It’s essentially how the end-user interacts with the software. 

As a result, the three broad categories of functions described above are the fundamental structures involved in designing any application’s architecture. This IBM article covers everything you need to know about application architecture in great detail. 

There are a few other things you might be interested in learning about application architecture, especially for a business or a digital product. There are some hidden reasons why you might need an application architecture and why you must get it right. 

Why Businesses Should Consider Application Architecture and Why It Is Important to Get It Right.  

A company’s application architecture must be viewed as “right.” But what exactly is “getting it right”? 

 In this context, the foundations of getting things right are business and technical benefits and aligning a product to achieve business goals. To reap these benefits from a digital product, the resulting architecture should: 

  • Be a cost-effective solution in terms of maintenance and design.  
  • Have a system that’s easy enough to navigate through. And should contain sound development principles.   
  • Support high performance and scalable solutions.  
  • Minimize the complexity of technology upgrades.  

What Are Some Business Considerations to make with Architecture in Mind?  

The most crucial factor to consider here is cost. The price of architecture is low, and all it takes is to decide.  

The consequences of those decisions will be felt over time. So, making a poor decision from the start can cost a company a lot of money. This is why, in this situation, time and money are of the utmost importance.  

There are two options from a business standpoint: build software or buy the software.  

However, before that, understanding the core of your business and researching whether similar systems exist could be beneficial.  

Consider the time and effort required to construct an architecture from the ground up. Then, see if you can purchase an existing architecture. Look for some that already meet your business requirements. Because starting an architecture from scratch could increase the likelihood of making a mistake. 

There are business considerations to make, but there are also technical considerations. Some critical technical concerns that architecture and resulting applications must support are as follows: 

  • Flexibility: Things are changing rapidly in this day and age. As a result, it is critical for any business to keep this in mind. It only makes sense to create solutions that have the potential to stand the test of time. The system should be designed so that it can quickly adapt to changes. The primary focus should be on building systems to migrate into the technologies required to enable the changes needed for the business. 
  • Scalability: This is essential in this case because it allows for easy customization and enhancements. The solution design must be easy to recognize and accept commonly used design patterns. 
  • Maintainability: This factor is as simple as it sounds. One should design the business solution to be simple to maintain. The architecture of the solution should have application fragments that are consistently deployed. Furthermore, the app’s components should be a minor functional version possible. 

What Are Some Advantages of Having a Proper Application Architecture? 

  1. Getting a digital product’s architecture right can significantly improve its performance. The system performance can be optimized when components are structured to allow efficient communication between core components. 
  1. The solutions will also be less expensive because no money will be spent on code break issues. The system is maintained correctly and optimized to ensure the solution features are allocated more resources. Also, you can check if you are a chicken lover, Click here for 15-Minutes Fried Chicken Breast with Asparagus


Architecture design is undeniably one of the essential aspects of solution design and development. It is required for any business to thrive in the digital space. Application architecture is needed for various reasons, including making changes easier to implement. And also ensuring that the architecture meets business requirements and design with future needs in mind. 

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