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Why Choose BA English Literature?

We have all been fascinated by the world of letters created by literary legends such as Shakespeare, Shelley, and Arundhati Roy. Literature opens before us a world of pure imagination and creativity that helps us develop a certain interest in all things around us. Combining theory, criticism, fiction, poetry, and several other genres a study of English literature provides a wholesome experience to its students.

In a world where the study of technology and business is considered to be the best option, a BA in English Literature allows you to explore a wide range of subjects that benefits you personally and professionally. The options it presents are perhaps more convenient and easier for every student looking to build a satisfying career.

If you are guided by a misconception about the lack of lucrative options after an English literature degree, here is a brief account of why a literature degree might be the right choice for you in a competitive digitalised world.

Diversity of content

The content covered in an English Literature degree is vast and diverse. It widens your perspective and helps build a different outlook towards the world. The exposure you receive from being a part of literary studies is something no other course can guarantee.

A literature degree takes you through the study of various genres such as poetry, fiction, drama, stories, literary theories, critical studies, etc. Besides texts from different ages and places are also discussed allowing you to move and think beyond societal norms. This eventually leads you to derive a better understanding of yourself and the world in general.

Acquire transferable skills

Skill-based recruitment is the ongoing trend in today’s competitive job market. So, what is better than possessing transferable skills that are highly valued across global workplaces? 

English literature is a versatile degree that helps you acquire skills such as leadership, communication, networking, teamwork, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. Possessing these skills will make your time at work easier and more fruitful.

Diverse higher studies options

Most people invest their time and effort in higher studies to achieve career growth moving forward. Pursuing an English literature degree gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of subject options. 

It is not necessary that you choose a postgraduate degree in English literature after your undergraduate course. There are several other lucrative options such as journalism and mass communication, business administration, human resource management, LLB, social work, political science, etc. All these are creative fields similar to English literature that will help you land lucrative job roles.

Career opportunities

If you believe that only science and engineering can bag you well-paying jobs, you are mistaken. In this digitalized world where content is at the centre of every business and technology, an English literature degree prepares you for some of the most in-demand jobs in the industry. 

You can land job roles such as content writer, copywriter, digital marketing expert, public relations officer, professor, conversational designer, and many more with an English literature degree.

So, why wait? Enrol in an English literature course today.


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