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Who Makes Trapstar Hoodies?

Trapstar is a clothing brand that has become widely popular over the years due to its mix of streetwear and sleek fashion design. Among the brand’s most popular clothing items and accessories are their assortment of hoodies. But have you ever wondered who actually makes Trapstar hoodies? In this blog post, we will explore the brand’s manufacturing process, where their hoodies are made, and who is responsible for creating the signature Trapstar style that fashion lovers across the globe adore.

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Trapstar started as a small project in 2006 in London, where the founders Mikey, Lee, and Willz began designing clothing items out of a small apartment. The brand quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts for its unique blend of UK streetwear, punk fashion, and Japanese anime-inspired clothing. The founders’ vision was simple: to create clothing that blends fashion and culture, reflecting the anti-establishment attitude of the young British creative scene. To achieve this, Trapstar partnered with a series of manufacturers worldwide to produce their clothing lines, including their signature hoodies.

Trapstar hoodies are made from high-quality materials, such as cotton and polyester blends. The brand’s hoodies are designed with quality in mind, and as a result, they feel different from cheaply made hoodies. The stitching on Trapstar hoodies is usually doubled or tripled, ensuring that the product is durable and can stand up to wear and tear. Some of the brand’s hoodies like their Camo series are even made with ultra-soft cotton, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

So, who makes Trapstar hoodies? The precise answer is that it depends on the style and design of the hoodie. Trapstar partners with manufacturers worldwide, including India, China, and the UK, to oversee the production and manufacturing of their clothing lines, including their signature hoodies. The brand’s founders work closely with these manufacturers to ensure that the final products meet the standard design and quality requirements that Trapstar is famous for.

Trapstar Hoodies are designed with a particular goal in mind, which is to represent the brand’s distinct style while offering comfort and functionality. The design and style of each hoodie are guided by the traditions of streetwear fashion and remain relevant to global trends. The hoodies usually feature bold prints, graphic designs and have become somewhat of a statement piece within streetwear fashion. Trapstar is renowned for its unique graphics that pay homage to punk and street art, which you will see on their hoodies.


In conclusion, Trapstar is an exciting and independent fashion label that has gained a reputation for its trap-infused streetwear around the world. Its hoodies, in particular, have become a staple in the wardrobes of modern fashion enthusiasts. While it may not be the founder Mikey, Lee, or Willz sewing and stitching the hoodies together, it’s through the vision of these creatives, along with the comprehensive process of various manufacturers, that makes the signature Trapstar Hoodie. From the high-quality material to the detailed design and spirit that it embodies – you can be sure that Trapstar Hoodies are a piece of streetwear fashion that packs a punch.

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