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Which Lasts More? Extended Closure Or Frontals?

We don’t need to remind you how many styles and options there are to find the ideal look for you. Of course, having options is nice, but selecting just a few can be challenging. 

Where do you begin if you know you want a hairpiece with a hairline that looks natural? What are lace frontal closure wigs if you’ve never heard of a lace closure? Ultimately, you want to know which hair accessory matches your preferences and lifestyle the best.

To ensure that you can always choose the finest one for yourself, we have made it simple for you to understand the differences between closure and frontals.

What Is A Frontal Wig?

Curly frontal wig
Curly frontal wig 


A hairpiece with a strip of material running from ear to ear is referred to as a frontal wig. It often extends 13 inches and recedes 5 inches, creating a type of half-wig. It can be used to create a full wig, although it’s usually sewed onto bundles.

Lace front wigs employ lace material to naturally match your skin tone and hairline. The two most common materials used with these hairpieces are lace and silk. The choice between one or the other will depend on the aesthetic you want to achieve because both materials will look different on your scalp.

Advantages Of Frontal Wigs

Frontals give versatility in styling
Frontals give versatility in styling

You can part your hair in almost any way with frontal wigs, which is one of its main benefits. No matter how you style it, your part will look natural since the lace material gives the appearance that your hairline reaches your scalp.

You can draw your hair back into a half-ponytail or a full ponytail in addition to a center or deep side. This is a fantastic alternative for people who prefer to switch up their appearances and hairstyles. With this wig, there are no restrictions on the number of hairstyles or parts you can use with your frontal wigs. 

What Is A Closure Wig?

Closure wig
Closure wig 


Closure wigs are comparable to the frontal. However, it has greater styling restrictions. Instead of a strip of material that looks like the scalp and stretches from ear to ear, the closure is frequently a 4X4 inch patch affixed to the center or front. . If you’re unsure of lace closure, it is similar to a lace frontal wigs but slightly smaller

Advantages Of Closure Wigs 

Closures are cheaper than frontals
Closures are cheaper than frontals 


Generally, you can choose a central part or make a side part on either side of your head. Lace closure wigs allow you to take a break from daily natural hair styling and maintenance, and protect it from breakage. 

For people who like to wear the same style every day, closure wigs are fantastic. This is a wonderful option if you feel comfortable with a small number of different components. Additionally, closure wigs frequently cost a little less than frontals.

Which One Lasts More? 

Take good care to make them last longer 


The care and upkeep a lace front wig receive will determine how long it will last. Lace frontal closure wigs made entirely of Brazilian human hair can be typically be worn for over a year. If you take care of them properly, they can potentially last for two years.

Your lace frontal closure wigs’ longevity is also greatly influenced by the material they are constructed of. Your hair will last longer if it has a full cuticle and is virgin human hair. Get the nicest lace available and Brazilian hair to rock your wigs for over a year.

Tips To Make Frontal And Closure Wigs Last?

lace frontal closure wigs
The right way to take care of your lace frontal closure wigs 


Being Gentle:

Your lace frontal closure wigs might become damaged and bald by rigorous cleaning, tugging, or nail-scratching.

Since closures are not wefted like typical extensions, hair loss is more likely to occur. Each hair is meticulously knotted, then a strong adhesive is used to attach it to the foundation. Your closure gains a natural appearance from this, but it also becomes quite delicate.

Brushing Properly 

Your lace frontal wigs will last longer if you brush it gently and correctly. Working your way up, gently comb through the ends of your hair. To avoid undue pulling, hold down your roots while brushing.

Refrain From Heat-Styling Your Hair 

Your lace frontal and closure wigs will be harmed by high heat. You can curl your hair with a soft, flexible roller without heat. Put them in your damp or dry hair for the night. There are several styling solutions available that don’t involve heat.

Choosing The Right Products 

The maintenance solutions you use for your extensions greatly impact how they appear. Products with a high alcohol concentration should be avoided because they can damage and tangle hair.

Satin Scarf 

Never leave your lace frontal closure wigs wet before bed. To prevent knots and that musky wig scent, ensure the hair is completely dry. Give your dry wig a gentle bursh. Put a silk or satin scarf on after that. A satin cushion or bonnet will also work.

Regular Visit to Your Stylist 

It will help if you visit your stylist every 14 days for regular care, including washes and the advice above.


Maintaining your lace front will keep it appearing chic and carefree. You can select the one you adore to present your best appearance and flaunt your appearance beautifully.

You may purchase frontals and closures of the highest caliber at True Glory Hair. They have some of the highest quality, 100% human hair to always make pulling off looks simple!


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