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Which is the best country to study tourism management?

Many people love coming out of their comfort zones and exploring new places. If you, too, love to explore new surroundings, engage with different people, and gain meaningful experiences in life, Germany is the best place to be. Many countries worldwide offer excellent tourism management programmes, but Germany’s MA tourism and hospitality courses are well known for opening doors to many lucrative employment opportunities in the thriving economy. 

In addition, Germany is among the best countries in the world to study tourism management as it has a strong economy, diverse culture, and various industries related to tourism. According to GlobalData, the nation has the largest domestic and outbound tourism market globally. Furthermore, Germany is home to several major international tourism companies, such as Globus, Europamundo, Cosmos, Trafalgar, Eurohike, Insight Vacations, and Eurobike. Therefore, studying tourism management in Germany offers a broad range of benefits.

In this article, we will highlight the advantages of pursuing tourism management in Germany. This article will also discuss the career opportunities after studying tourism management.

Reasons to study tourism management in Germany

Over the past few years, tourism management courses have gained massive popularity among students. The benefits of taking up a tourism management course in Germany are:

  1. High-quality education system: Germany is home to many top-ranked universities that offer various programmes specialising in tourism management. These programmes are tailor-made to give students a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry, including culture and tourism geography, destination management, risk management, sustainable tourism, and marketing.
  1. Affordable degrees

Germany offers accredited and tailor-made tourism management degrees to international students at relatively lower costs than its foreign counterparts. Many universities also provide tourism management degrees for free. Germany’s cost of living is also lower than in other countries.

  1. Learn from industry experts

Top-ranked German universities have industry experts to help students gain in-depth knowledge and pragmatic skills from a different point of view. With the help of industrial visits, students get access to opportunities to learn via interaction, working methods, and employment practices.

Career opportunities after tourism management

With a degree in tourism management, graduates may also find lucrative employment opportunities in related fields, such as event planning, public relations, or marketing. In addition, many tourism companies have a presence in Germany, providing opportunities for international career development. Some potential career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry are:

  1. Tourism Manager
  2. Hotel Manager
  3. Event Manager
  4. Destination Manager
  5. Tour Guide
  6. Tourism Marketing and Sales
  7. Travel Agent
  8. Sustainability and CSR manager

Entry requirements for a tourism management course in Germany

Admission requirements for a tourism management degree in Germany typically depend on the institution. Still, you must meet the following criteria to study tourism management in Germany:

  1. A high school diploma or equivalent
  2. Language proficiency
  3. Entrance examination
  4. Prerequisite courses
  5. Internship or work experience
  6. Motivation letter and references


In conclusion, Germany’s robust economy, rich history, vibrant culture, and high-quality education make it an excellent place to study tourism management. So, apply for the course now!


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