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Which Gazebo Size & Style is Right for Your Event?

Are you planning to organise an event or do you need to participate in a grand exhibition? This is a must-read for you! You certainly need a popup gazebo that will become the showcase of your brand or business. Luckily enough, there are quite a few different options available in a range of sizes, styles, colours with add-ons perfect for a variety of outdoor spaces and events.

These include;

A Standard Pop Up Gazebo

Depending on the manufacturer, a standard pop up gazebo is generally made with a high-quality steel framework which makes it sturdy and durable enough to pitch perfect in most surroundings. Ideally, this makes an excellent option for your garden space as it also doubles up as a fabulous shelter for small intimate events such as birthdays, barbecues, anniversaries or any get-togethers.

It is among one of the best sellers due to its strength, durability and affordability, they often come with several add-ons which are worth looking into. Sizes and specifications differ depending on the event type so if you wish to find out more about standard pop up gazebos, please visit TFH Gazebos online.

A Printed and branded gazebo

If you need a commercial gazebo to promote your product or services, branded gazebos are designed to cover a variety of advertising needs. Printed gazebos are good at sheltering you from most types of weather conditions whilst effortlessly displaying your brand impressively. 

At TFH Gazebos, we showcase and sell a broad range of printed and branded gazebos available in different designs and sizes. They are perfect for a wide variety of outdoor events such as shows, catering events, exhibitions, and even general promotion. If you want to hold a public event, our in-house team will work with you to help you design a pop-up gazebo of your choice to effectively display your brand.

Heavy Duty All Weather Gazebos

Heavy-duty gazebos are super strong and are an ideal option for all commercial events. If you are planning to hold a social gathering, this type of tent will offer a steady shelter and protect you from bad weather. TFH Gazebos can supply a range of heavy-duty commercial tents and some models are available with an aluminium framework.

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The gazebos are robust and are corrosion resistant. Options are available in different sizes ranging from 2.5m X 2.5m S40, 2m X 2m S42, 3m X3m S40, to 4m X 6m s40 premium heavy duty gazebo and everything in-between. All options are waterproof, fire retardant, and come with all adds-on with a 3 years warranty. 

Party Tent Gazebo

Weather permitting this type of pop up work tent is becoming extremely popular and only requires a few minutes to set up. A great option if you are looking for something small and intimate or holding a slightly larger get-together.  At TFH Gazebos we have fabulous options that are waterproof and designed to meet your exact requirements. This option also works really well for a child’s party or small themed tween parties.

Final Thought

In order to make sure you choose the right party tent gazebo or to get the perfect printed branded gazebo, you need to do your research properly. If you feel that is too daunting, we are happy to go through the different options available, whether it’s a commercial or non-commercial gazebo that you after. Take a look at TFH Gazebos’ website. We have a variety of options in different sizes, styles, colours, materials that are aesthetically appealing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  


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